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FM 2019 HIDDEN PPMs (Humor)

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A couple non-hidden classics that were taken out a few versions back due to legal reasons…  (same as any "unprofessional" behavior) :( 


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 - watches team mate shoot and miss target but still runs into box looking for rebound

 - chase opposition player with ball with 2-3 team mates leaving opposition attackers un-marked

 - when finishing stat = >15 miss 99% of one -on-ones

 - if striker playing AI manager score first one-on-one opportunity when finishing < 10

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Applauds own incompetence 

Likes to switch ball to the car park 

Refrains from taking instructions 

Plays a 6.4 whenever possible 

Tries to misunderstand offside trap

Likes to find keeper 


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- Likes to receive ball with back to goal in opposition half, dribble backwards until behind own defensive line - slowly - and then be tackled. 

- Finds sympathy for an injury to be the ultimate insult

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 - Refuses to cross when in space - Especially during corner (When ball is cleared and returned to corner taker in 10-15 yards of clear space)

- Crosses to far post\head height regardless of settings.

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Rarely attempts to go for loose ball

Shoots directly at players rather than directly at goal

Aims to pass ball back towards own goal irrelevant of attacking situation

Will stop ball dead and will stand still with it

Will turn back on opposition rather than try to go past or pass in an attacking manor

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"Doesn't take into account transfer windows when deciding on transfer offer"

My player decided to accept an outgoing transfer offer to Germany after the EPL deadline.

Which means I only had money for his substitute once he left and my transfer window was closed. :seagull:

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'Uses height for low shots'

I have a tower of a striker with Jumping Reach 19. I build my system around crosses and other methods to get him to use this aerial superiority. In his first season he scored fifteen times after crosses or corners. All after low passes to the short corner. 

I have to admit, it made me chuckle. 


'Will never get his deserved respect'

Most BBM and some BWM. My workhorses winning balls, securing hyper aggressive fullbacks, giving options at both boxes. Often my most important players on the pitch. Barely get recognises. Ratings stay at essentially the starting value. Reserve players fight for their places because they 'don't deliver'. The media keeps pestering me why I didn't sub them. 

Big upside: I can keep them longer because virtually no interest from outside. 


'Decides games'

My BPD. Four deciding goals, six assist, six critical mistakes. 


'Can not control passes'

Baumann. 9 First touch and average concentration are NOT good for SweepeR Keepers in a very narrow, very patient game from the back. In 75 games against Bayern I had about thrice the chances but his mistakes caused nearly 2 conceded goals per game. 


'Does not understand his place'

My team only had one average winger and plenty of good MC. So I decided to sell him to play a narrow system. Naturally he asked for a meeting where I told him he didn't fit my system. He was livid, telling me I didn't even give him a chance. So I relented and played him as a really aggressive fullback. He was delivering so I decided to keep him. But then he was complaining about his retraining. After that was sorted out, he was angry about my new striker who had winger as secondary position. Even when I assured him they weren't competition, he was not convinced and shortly afterwards demanded a key player contract. 

By then I had enough and instead of a first teamer in a Champion's League team he was benchwarmer in a mid-class English team before touring Europe on loan. After four years of that he returned for peanuts on a scrap contract. 

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Head Ball Forward Towards No Teammates Instead Of Just Chesting It Down

(Gk) Freeze In Terror When Ball In Area

Make Highlights Appear (when you're a goal up), Make Highlights Never Appear (when you're a goal down)

In Awe Of Messi


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Marks Corner Flag Tightly

Avoids Scoring Goals (especially for high-salaried strikers)

Hugs Opponent In Penalty Area

Looks For Fouls Rather Than Attempting To Mark Opponent

Plays Short Simple Penalty Kicks


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