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Facilities Upgrade

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They were actually meant to be finished on 22nd October!

Before 22nd Oct:




After 22nd October




(First & Last request are the relevant ones)

Something similar happened with Data Facilities before but I had the option to upgrade again. The upgrade was immediate. The option to upgrade Training and Youth Facilities has not been there since alleged completion date. I was thinking that maybe it will reappear when game rolls over into new season. 



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Ok. The end of season has arrived and I've got a message that the facilities upgrade is going ahead


Not sure the issue as I had money in the bank. Did avoiding relegation help? Anyway things look to have sorted themselves out. 

However, I do think the way the information is presented is poor and should be more clear to the user to prevent pointless complaints- like this one:ackter:

I do reserve my right to complain again if the're not completed with no reason:cool: 

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