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More and more clubs suffer with financial difficulties and have outstanding loans and other debts ... As in real life the operational results of the club can influence the outstanding debts and in order to reflect this, I think it would be a value add to have the option to pay off an outstanding debt ( or at least have the request made to the board ) if the financial results allow it of course ? What do I mean with this : imagine a club at the end of the season has a positive balance ( simple math deduction of revenue and costs ) that there would be the possibility of applying up until maximum 40 % of this profit to pay off the outstanding debts. This will have two consequences which can influence the future of the club in the game : first of all your debts reduce and this will allow you more financial space to manoeuvre yourself and the second is that you would pay less taxes on the financial results. 



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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