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[Suggestion] Loan player to parent club to learn new position


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Don't know if this is already in the game, but this idea occurred after I started to play with Cork City. There's a player in my squad called Shane Daly-Butz who is 21yo. He plays at AMR and AML positions. Due to his technique, pace and flair, I see him as a decent AMC player in the future.

The problem is: he's too old for the U19s and he's not good enough for the senior squad. Also, my tactics won't fit him (4141 DM Wide). I tried to loan him and say that I want him to play at AMC position, but this isn't avaliable. It would also be unrealistic because if I'm a manager of another club and try to get a player on loan, I wouldn't like to use him in a position that the player isn't efficient.

But I don't think that would be too unrealistic if we are talking about partnerships in which players are loaned. They are generally made in a bigger-to-small club basis and allow some proximity, so I could say to them: "Ok, I want to loan Daly-Butz to you, but I want you to use him as an AMC. Can you fit him in your tactics?". I mean, the purpose of this kind of partnership is to help in the development of players, so this would be an extra.

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