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Updated for 19.3.0

Lower League Game Files for Hong Kong

Mirror Site on Google Drive (limited daily downloads, no preview)

The Hong Kong Database is a user-adjustable detail-rich lower league simulation. 10 separate editor files offer flexibility with the challenge level. Adboards plus club and competition logos are provided at each level of competition. The Hong Kong facepack contains 693 images of existing players and non-players, 443 images of club officers, coaches, players and officials, and 96 generic faces.

Six tiers are provided for promotion within the HKFA pyramid. HK Tier 1 approximates English Tier 5, the National League. HK Tier 5 and 6 approximates English Tier 9 and 10, the County leagues. Cup competitions are tier appropriate with the FA Cup open to all clubs in the pyramid. Four international competitions allow Tier 1 clubs to grow beyond the stature of the domestic league.

Hong Kong is slanted towards academics rather than athletics. The youth system will see a significant number of usable newgens coming from the included school leagues. In reality, some recent youth stars are of expat and/or mixed race origin, and there will be usable newgens coming from non-league and/or expat based local regions.

Actual Hong Kong football is dominated by a small number of underwriter supported clubs. The provided databases flattens the revenue structure through a self-sustaining league position award system and opens transfer avenues to undervalued nations. The revamped youth system allows smaller teams the opportunity to grow talent and increase their stature, before being poached by larger clubs.

Because Hong Kong football is weighted towards the elite few, my gameplay experience in FM16 and 17 saw an easy ride through the middle tiers. To increase the challenge, I balanced the league by adding new players and staff to all existing tiers of the pyramid. These additions are in separate files: one can play with only the league structure, only new officials and staff, or only new non-players and experienced players, or only new officials, non-players, experienced players and new players up to tier 4.

Tier 5 introduces a new division made up entirely of expatriate clubs. Such leagues exist in HK at the amateur level. The new tier extends and enhances the actual situation. Tier 5 is optional, but adding it and the accompanying 860 youthful facepack images will extend enjoyment of this challenge without a proliferation of regen faces. Tier 6 represents the actual amateur leagues, of which I have included the most successful teams from The Legal, Union and Yau Yee Leagues.

Hong Kong is the world's most expensive real estate market; land is at a premium. Where possible, 7-a-side fields are utilized as reserve stadiums and training grounds. This prevents existing pitches from turning into a soggy mess and delays the want of some clubs to build their own, which in reality, is an impossibility.



Hong Kong, SAR
Population: 7,392,000
Language Official: Cantonese and English (Hong Kong Basic Law article 9)
Spoken English Competance: 23/41/35% very good, average, not good*
FIFA Conf: Asian Football Confederation
FIFA Rank (Present, High, Low): 144, 90, 172
FIFA Rank perspective, between Soloman Islands (143) and Afghanistan (145)
AFC Champions League Appearances: 1, 2016-17 Eastern A.A.
FA Tiers/Clubs: 4/52
Avg Attendance Premier League: 1142 (week 23 2018, HKFA site)
Capacity Stadiums: 2400-7800 (Premier League)
Players T1 Total/Foreign %: 288/88, 31% (2018 Oct Transfer Markt)
CA Observed Top Pro HK Club: 63-105 (Highest 14 Players)
CA Observed Bot Pro HK Club: 46-098 (Highest 14 Players)
Consistency Top Pro HK Club: 07-015 (Highest 14 Players)
Consistency Bot Pro HK Club: 05-010 (Highest 14 Players)
Compare England T5, Torquay: CA 65-90, Consistency 8-15
*2016 Thematic Household Survey, HK Census and Statistics Dept

Tiers (Actual 2018-19/FM19/Custom Gamepack)
10/10/10 T1,Premier League
14/14/10 T2,HKFA 1st Division
14/14/18 T3,HKFA 2nd Dvision
14/14/18 T4,HKFA 3rd Division
nn/00/36 T5,(new international conference)
nn/26/48 T6,(four amateur divisions)
nn/11/32 T7,(university and academy division)
nn/00/40 T8,(college divisions)
nn/00/10 T9,(non-league)

Cups National (in editor file)
HK Community Cup
HK Senior Challenge Shield
HK Junior Challenge Shield
HK Amateur Cup


All HKFA T1 clubs are professional. T2-6 clubs are semi-professional. Attendance and reputations are normalized. Existing sugar daddy and underwriter clubs continue to be. Sponsorships were normalized to a minimum level and compensated for with division performance awards. Recruitment and Youth Academy ratings are normalized down from a world class level down to a reputation appropriate level. Stand-alone academies, colleges and university produce youth talent.

A new expat league is added to form T5. Current expat and locals continue to play in the amateur division of tier 6. T7 and T8 represent for-profit football academies, secondary schools and the university league. T9 contains non-league clubs.

A pyramid system is introduced. Traditionally, semi-pro clubs refused promotion to the professional Premier League, historically, some placements have been arbitrary. Non-league clubs can now be promoted to the HKFA through a playoff system.

Cities/Local Regions

Modified 234 cities to include proper inhabitant range, latitude/longitude, altitude, weather, and attraction level as a function of proximity to the number of MTR subway lines and/or (express) bus routes. Modified 62 local regions. The actual 18 HK districts now have proper population and weather. Others are in-country expatriate regions and foreign expatriate regions that models the Hong Kong diaspora.


Only HKFC, South China, government support service associations, and academy/schools own pitches. HK pitches are groundshare with assignments managed by HK Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD). Added T1-2 alternate stadiums to lower level clubs.

Added and modified 212 stadiums and fields to include correct latitude/longitude, seating, capacity, city, seating color, pitch dimensions and type, build and modified date where available, and condition. LCSD database and Happy Valley facility map were used as reference: 7-a-side facilities were converted to reserve/training pitches and 11-a-side pitches were added/modified. HK Centre of Excellence training facility was also added, reflecting actual building plans. Certain university and secondary school facilities of proper dimensions were added. Some pitches were added to accommodate new clubs.

Custom db current stadiums, capacities and locations are here, categorized by division. The drill-down shows capacity, lat and long, and Hong Kong Leisure and Cultural Services Department link if available.,

Nation (file: 200 HKG Policies)
Adjusts Youth Rating from 47 to 60 (same as mainland China)
Adjusts FA from Completely Useless to Very Important
Adjusts Starting Personality Attributes to Above Average->Good
Changes Nationality Status to Accumulative from Consecutive Years
Moves English to primary language and adjusts Mandarin proficiency upwards
Add preferred secondary and attack/defense formations
Adds Macau as Non-Foreign
Adds nations to preferred Transfer Continent and Nation
Transfer fees set to the Dutch level to properly compensate for poaching
Personal Taxation brackets corrected: 4,8,12k GBP vs 47,93,140k GBP in editor
Actual 2018 median annual income is 19.4k GBP.
Corporation Taxation Schema updated to actual CY2018 two tier schema

Club (file 201 HKG Clubs)
Installs League Structure and Cups

Cups International (file:202 Asia Competitions)
AFC Trophy (32 teams/top 8 nations)
AFC Plate (32 teams/top 8 nations)
AFC Gold Challenge Series (64 teams/top 16 nations)
AFC Silver Challenge Series (64 teams/9-32 ranked nations)
AFC Bronze Challenge Series (64 teams/17-47 ranked nations)

Officials (file:203 Officials)
Reclass 83, Add 138
Assign officials to (new) AFC competitions, HK Tiers 1-6, HK Cups

Officers (file: 204 Officers)
Add 134 Chairmen and Managing Directors to clubs without entries
Add 13 agent/advocates to nation Hong Kong (bugged, these are not appearing in-game)

Coaches (file: 205 Coaches and 106 Reclass)
Add 478 and reclass 103 Managers and Coaches to existing clubs and to new clubs in T5 and T6. All T1-6 clubs will have at least a first team manager and assistant. Upper tier clubs also receive reserve team manager and specialty coaches, fitness and/or goalkeeping.

Players (file: 207 Players)
Add 209 older players to T1-3 Clubs, CA 50-70, Consistency 13-14

Players (file: 208 Players)
Add 553 young players to T1-4 Clubs, CA 30-60, Consistency 9-12

Players (file: 209 Players)
Add 1516 players to T5-6 Clubs, CA 10-24, Consistency 7-9

How to use the files
The numbered editor files will load in order. The minimum needed to play are files 200 and 201. File 202 adds Asia Competitions and is optional.

In order to use the facepacks, the prior numbered files must be used. So for instance, if one wants to only add T1-T4 young players (file 208), one must install all prior numbers (files 200 through 207). The included facepack is sequentially numbered for 19.3.

Road Map FM20
Update Hong Kong Facepack, review T1 Senior Faces
Review possibility of consolidating editor files
Review possibility of adding diaspora leagues culminating in Chinese Intl Cup
Assign mental, physical and technical attributes to added players
Assign player/non-player status for added players to create future staff with faces
Create transfer file for future seasons to compensate for foreign league poaching
Update non-league clubs if time remains

How to Install
Download files from the main site or mirror site.
Once are in the main file area, the zip directory/sub-directory will create/use the proper directories and then place files in their place, if installed on Windows OS.
-- >documents/sports interactive/football manager 19 is for ads, adboard pictures, editor files, and facepack & logos
-- >(program files)-->football manager 19-->data is for adboards video

Sample of Static and Video Ads



Install Cautions
ads.xml will overwrite your current one. Please back this up if you intend to play other challenge/scenarios. The HKG Adpack will overwrite any other adpack defaults you are using. Please backup graphics->pictures->ads->default before installing. Other directories should peacefully coexist with your current files.

If in 3d match play/highlights player nameplate and/or jersey numbers disappear, install adboards video fonts into the same directory as the video ads.

Link to FM18 version

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removed reference to file not used in this build, added reference to 19.3 compatibility
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Squad Building Story, First Season

LLM Tactical Review: 4-4-1-1 DM Asymmetric Tactic

Playtesting FM18 Financial Review (twenty years)

In world rankings, HK Premier League is below English National League, Irish Premier, German Regional, French Nations 2, Turkish League 2 and above Croatian League 3, Malaysia Super League, Polish Second Division. Hong Kong T5 is on par with Icelandic Third Division, Dutch Zaterdag and Zondag, Swiss Second League Inter-regional, English County Leagues.

In terms of FIFA world ranking, after twenty years Hong Kong is ranked 62nd between Kosovo and Lithuania. Within Asia rankings, HK sits between South Korea and Uzbekistan. Within Asia conferences, HK Premier League sits between Kuwaiti Premier and Thai League.

After twenty years, the starting five financiers disappeared. All clubs were at a minimum of finance 'OK.' Some of the lower tier teams were running in the red. Top tier turnover ranged from 1.2m to 4.9m. Average attendance increased from a range between 1330-2380 to 2100-7500 while T2 attendance trended down from a range of 630-1880 to 280-1850.

Offside.hk reports Premier League budgets from 600k to 4 million GBP. After twenty years of gameplay, the annual wage of Tier 1 clubs is 514k to 1.3m GBP. The annual wage budget of T2, T3 and T4 excluding top and bottom clubs are between 105k to 550k, 52-350k, 35-303k.


Playtesting FM19 Financial Review (forty years)

The top twenty clubs had balances ranging from 1.4 mil GBP to 5.4 GBP. China SuperLeague 'B' side Fuli is an outlier with 30 mil GBP bank balance. Its parent club has a balance of 40 mil GBP. Fuli is also an outlier with a FY59 wage budget of 117k GBP. That's the same level as English Championship League clubs Blackburn, Millwall, Preston North End. Not surprisingly, Fuli has won every HKPL league title but one for the last 40 years. In the FA Cup, Fuli didn't make it to the finals in 8 of 35 years. When they did make it, they lost three times.

In actuality, there is a special HKPL 2018-19 Competition Regulations & Agreement rule, H.14; Fuli is allowed to field a minimum of 3 'local' Hong Kong players with the remaining 8 made up of mainland China nationality players plus two non-asian players. Squad rules have the number at 8 local Hong Kong players, 3 non-asian players, and the remainder as Chinese nationals. Thus, the actual and FM19 Fuli team is full of loaned players from the China Super League. Further, the parent club is an FM19 sugardaddy club. The remainder of the Premier League allows four foreign players on the field and five foreign squad players. AFC Cup nation players get an additional spot.

In reality, the Hong Kong Football Club also has a special unlimited foreign player exemption, Rule 28.4 of the 2018-19 First, Second and Third Division League Competition Regulation. Despite this exemption not being hard-coded, they won the FA Cup five times and the League once during the forty year test. The rules also specify no foreign players below the first division, which I have decided to not implement for playability.

For the rest of the top two tiers, four of nineteen clubs were in the red. The average wage budget was 20k and 13k respectively. This compares favorably to the 2018-19 English Vanarama National League, where wage budgets runs from 3.7k to 37k, with the median sitting at 18.8k GBP. The National League bank balances have Braintree with -18k up to Salford City's 1.06 mil GBP.

One interesting phenomenon is that after forty years, HKPL's bank balance (less Fuli) was 943k vs the First Division average balance of 1.14 mil GBP. This reflects reality, where semi-professional teams from the First Division regularly turn down promotion to the top tier for fear of going broke as a fully professional side. 2019 English National League and 2059 Hong Kong budget numbers here.

In short, the first and second tiers of this custom database look very much like the English National League (T5) in terms of wage budget. The Hong Kong teams tend to have a higher bank balance, but have a higher percentage of clubs running in the red. In reality, wild swings in the fortunes of Hong Kong Football Clubs and securities on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange is the rule rather than the exception.

Tactical Files from linked story.

4-4-2 AM.fmf

Football Manager 2019.7z

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Label for tactical files attached
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Quick question, why are there 2 relegation spots in the International division, if no clubs are going to be relegated (since all lower divisions don't pro/rel)?

Screenshot (28).png

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I need to change my notification settings, sorry for late reply.

There is promotion relegation, it is via playoff. We have four sub-divisions fighting for two promotion slots. So the four winners go into a playoff and the four become two. In reality, these non-league clubs need to apply for entry into the third division of the HKFA. So, for FM19, I believe Freemen FC, which is basically a soccer academy decided to go up. I seem to remember them dropping out and now Chelsea Soccer School went up. Kowloon Cricket Club dropped down, not really sure why, as they are still a pretty big deal.

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