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Pogba Under Solskjaer

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I am trying to build a tactic and I have a 3 man midfield, I would like the central player of the 3 to be based on the new and improved Paul Pogba.

It's tough to find the role to best describe the impact he's having at United though, I would say the Roaming Playmaker description of being the 'heartbeat of his team' is the closest to what I see from him in real life with his driving runs forward and the ability to pick people out with raking long balls or deft little touches as well as offering the occasional goal threat. However, not many players on the game are natural Roaming Playmakers and Pogba himself is listed as an Advanced Playmaker albeit based more on the lethargic Pogba we saw under Jose.

He has in the most recent few games popped up in the left channel as more of a Mezzala but I wouldn't say this suits the driving almost Yaya Toure type runs through the middle he is capable of.

Interested to see people's takes on this one... 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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