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How to control away manager in Hotseat?

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Hello, I was playing with a friend in a Hotseat Fantasy Draft, but we quickly noticed that the away manager can't shout or issue Opposition Instructions, since in theory only the Home manager controls the match.

The away manager can still sub and change tactics, so am I missing something or did they seriously not think about making a 2nd manager able to play the match?

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On 25/02/2019 at 15:30, Glenn Wakeford said:

When playing user v user in a hotseat match, in the top left there will be two buttons that use each team's badge. These act as toggle controls for the match controls such as shouts, opposition instuctions etc.

Hope this helps!


Yes, it may be true that those badges are there, which is how you control the away team, but no, shouts and opposition instructions can't be controled from there. Try starting a hotseat game, click on the badge and you'll see the tactics menu, but ONLY the tactics menu, if you click from there on SHOUTS or OPP. INSTRUCTIONS, only the HOME team will show up. Please confirm.

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