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1:1 Heavy pressing

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I watched an amazing video earlier (more thoughts on that shortly) which talks about 'pressing traps'.

If you can watch the video then my question is easy if not then I'll try to explain it below.

Pressing Traps

Essentially it's a high pressing game that utilises one player closing down another to force an early pass. This opens space and then the defending players (plural) surrounding the space all close down if the pass is made into that space.

Is it possible to create this in FM?

Is there a way to enable the tactic to try and close down on 1v1's rather than 2/3v1's?

At the moment I have two or three players closing down one opposition player which leaves massive spaces.

Is it simply a case of lowering the CD of the team/players and using tight marking?

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Kind of possible but tricky and arguably not worth the time and effort simply because more straight forward methods of pressing (like using the Team Instruction for example) are perfectly adequate.  The ME could use a tweak with pressing to help too.

Personally I wouldn't bother (and never do).

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Pressing is a bit basic in FM, you can't setup triggers.  Tight Marking isn't closing down, tight marking is when the player doesn't have the ball whilst closing down is when they have the ball.

Without knowing how you have them setup its hard to say what you should do.  I think the best chance you'll have of doing this is using PI's on certain players to make them more aggressive than other players near them. The other players maybe want tighter marking to remove some of the options whilst not closing down themselves. 

Man Marking is another option but again is trying to remove the passing option rather than telling them to close down that player specifically.

Opposition Instruction could be used to say target a GK and FBs but won't tell specific players for yours who to close down so still risk the 2/3 players closing down.

Finally have a look at the players attributes, mental attributes could be coming into play and making them go charging after the ball.  Two that spring to mind is Aggression and Teamwork, rather than covering there team mate they might want to get too stuck in themselves regardless of instruction.

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