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Custom Awards picking players from all leauges in nation rather than the one it is set to.


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I created a custom Irish league system that has 5 tiers, the bottom two are regional divisions that each have 3 leagues each.


Everything was going smoothly enough so to add some life to the database I created some basic awards for each league and then a few Overall winners for the regional divisions, so for example each of the 3 individual leagues in my regional level 3 have their own awards but then I have awards set to the parent division that picks the best player(s) from all 3 leagues, So Overall Player, young player, top goalscorer, and  flair player. These are all yearly based awards.


Most of these work fine but the "Flair Player" "Of the Year" for the regional divisions takes players from every tier/league not just the 3 that make up that regional division so the winning player is always from some premiership team. The same thing happens in both the regional level 3 & 4 for the flair player award. The other awards I made in the same way work, "Overall top goalscorer" and  both "Overall player/young player of the year", these work as intended and only take players from the 3 leagues contained in the regional division and they are set up exactly the same way bar the award type is set to "flair player" rather than "Highest average rating". 


Any ideas on how to keep this contained to the 3 leagues?

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