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[FM19] LLM Resources - Beaconsfield Town, Harefield, Referees, Manager Facepack (Harefield NEW!)

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LLM Resources Part 1 - Beaconsfield Town (level 7)


I stumbled upon this little club last year, and quickly fell in love with it. This club is the perfect style for a Rise to Glory: Relationship-oriented, with a tight-knit squad, and loyal staff; all focused on moving the club forward together.

A well-done website, wealth of club news, and plenty of Facebook updates created a good idea of the club, and it grew on me. Let me explain...



LAST Season: The owner's first order of business in pre-season was to hire a new Manager, Gary Meakin. Wanting to bolster his team, Meakin went to his close friend and encouraged him to come out of retirement to help them push for promotion. Scott Cousins agreed. Some other new signings, and the team brought back together several players who played on the same team before(under Beaconsfield SYCOB). Start of the season they sign midfielder Nathan Webb, and a month later, sign his younger brother, Callum Webb, a defender. With an up-and-coming goalkeeper, midfielders who know how to score, and an experienced forward, this team found their rhythm. A series of wins, and the January transfer window saw some reshuffling. Baz joins from Manager Gary Meakin's previous club, along with Reece Yorke, who used to captain the SYCOB side.  A few awards later, and the season passed by with much hard work, to result in - 




THIS Season (do you have what it takes?): Now comes an even bigger challenge. Promotion to Southern League Premier South Division means survival is the first objective. Yet, reaching playoffs is what the board want.  With the squad's only leader retiring for good, and new players that need time to adjust, you'll have to rely on your staff for the lay of the land. A tight-knit core means if you're at odds with one of them, you're at odds with their friends too. Your stadium will serve you well for a while, with a capacity of 3,500. But, with attendances averaging 70-110, it'll cost you more than it earns. Speaking of budget, there is none, while expenses seem to rise with every passing day. How long can you keep going until the money runs out? Can you push this squad to a deep Cup run, so you can actually pay their wages? One thing you do have, though, is a reasonable chairman in Chris Coyle, and a fairly patient fan base, who understand the issues a rising club can face.



Time to use your managerial skills and tactical acuity to reach all the glory you desire!

DOWNLOAD: Beaconsfield Town.fmf

DOWNLOAD FACEPACK: Beaconsfield Facepack 

1915386793.png.3a33209e4a18a16cbc96390fde5a36f1.png   5108216.png.c6cd979d85f195ec07f4309addd5f1ba.png   28085654.png.7c1e440d770f7ecadf6881dcfee29a9a.png   29178439.png.8450ef4cbacf8e2730673677892d8598.png   1915386795.png.09ef7a9031ccee2f5942388d953106f8.png


Complete and Current Squad (as of 2/18/19)
Current Staff 
Chairman Chris Coyle added
Complete Player and Staff Action Facepack (CarlosFierro style)

Players - 
Approximate heights added
Hair length/color/skin tone added
Current squad numbers added as preferred
Some attributes filled in based on information found (ie: Leadership ability given due to Yorke's previous captaincy)
Added relationships for those that played together previously for Beaconsfield SCYOB to create Dynamics
Ensured some players would be useful beyond the current league level
City of Birth added to some


DOWNLOAD Beaconsfield Town Background, Logo, Stadium image - Beaconsfield Town Graphics.zip 

2D Kits by the amazing Bolid74

3D Kits by the amazing Bolid74



LLM Resources Part 2 - Lower League Referees

Last FM, there were very few referees for the low leagues, so here's 50 new referees!
5 new refs for Vanarama
20 new refs for lower leagues
25 new refs for even lower leagues

These are not based on real people, but they all have unique abilities and real-life faces.

DOWNLOAD: Lower League Referees.fmf

DOWNLOAD FACEPACK: Referees Facepack 



LLM Resources Part 3 - LLManager Facepack

Here are all the 140 missing English manager faces. Designed to be complement the outstanding DF11 and CarlosFierro facepacks.

108152.png.73b6d5c1f96606467a6d6fb31dbc78a5.png   2003745.png.47a4808bc335efa444c56c5a35720450.png   90069305.png.110b04e6d1cb6165454b3424a6c1ad79.png   30012395.png.4d1b5de51ea18d3423462585b5b42b8a.png   2003695.png.3c80a438de4c1baf6f38ead907d36632.png

DOWNLOAD: Lower League Managers Facepack


How to use Editor Data:

Place in Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2019\editor data folder. Start a new save. When selecting the database(before Advanced Setup), be sure to select the checkbox to enable the file.

How to use Facepacks:


1. Place images in Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2019\graphics\faces. Overwrite any current images. Run the fmXML setup. Open fmXML. Click Browse, and select the Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2019\graphics\faces folder. Select "All filenames are IDs". Press GO! Say Yes to overwriting the current config.xml file. This will add the new faces, while keeping your previous downloaded facepacks.

2. Load your save, clear the cache, reload the skin.



LLM Resources Part 4 - Harefield United 



Current Main Team Squad + Some Additional (as of 2/24/19)
Current Staff created
Chairman Gary South created
Added highest attendance record
Added nickname
Added fan favorite player
Added 3 Hillingdon Derbies
Added Supporter Profile
Complete Player and Staff Action Facepack (CarlosFierro style)

Players - 
Created all missing players, corrected contracts
Added playing history for several players
Added assumed brother relationship between Mason Yorke and Reece Yorke
Guestimated ages for most by playing history/looks
Guestimated player positions by random tidbits of info
Set low adaptability for most
Hair length/color/skin tone added
Some attributes filled in based on information found (ie: Captain at times is Mangan, Farrell is pacy)

Note: This club essentially was started from scratch in the DB, and not much info could be found. If anyone knows birthdates, specific playing positions, attributes, heights, or places of birth, I'd be happy to add them.

DOWNLOAD: Harefield.fmf

DOWNLOAD FACEPACK: Harefield Facepack

DOWNLOAD Harefield United Logo, Stadium image(4 options) Harefield Extra Graphics

DOWNLOAD 2D and 3D Kits by me Harefield 2D and 3D Kits

How to use the Kits:   Place both folders in Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2019\graphics\kits. Load FM, clear the cache, reload the skin.


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added Harefield United
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56 minutes ago, phnompenhandy said:

I don't enjoy seeing premier league referees persistently refereeing my level 12 village team, so I hope this works. Any chance the referee file works with a current save?

Unfortunately, not that I know of.

In my level 7 save, it does work.


Although, level 10 and lower aren't in the original FM database, so no referees go lower than level 9.

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On 20/02/2019 at 05:53, craigw87 said:


This is great. I'd love to see this for a few other clubs in non-league near to me. Hendon/Northwood/Harefield etc. 


On 21/02/2019 at 03:31, craigw87 said:

I'd love one for Harefield but tbf i don't have any decent photos of the ground/squad list etc. 

Harefield has just been added, see original post.  :D

It hasn't been tested, so please let me know if there are any issues.

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On 25/02/2019 at 04:19, majesticeternity said:


Harefield has just been added, see original post.  :D

It hasn't been tested, so please let me know if there are any issues.

Great thanks for this. I'll let the club know as well!

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