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[FM19] Improved AI Managers + Staff

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AI will always have issues, just like real-life managers and staff. But this is an attempt to improve (at least slightly) the AI; most importantly poor squad building, rotation, player development and the waste of youth that seems so prevalent. 

AI is improved to varying degrees, so that each person still has individuality. 

There are 2 Versions: Preferred Managers(staff who prefer to manage), or ALL types of staff(over 400,000 changes, which includes the Preferred Manager changes). You can use ONE at a time: either to make things harder against just managers, or not sign any staff except those that retire and become "new" staff. Or make things easier and hire high quality staff to help you at your club. Whatever you like.

*Note:  Poor ability staff haven't been changed much, there are far too many to edit, and there would be little effect anyways.   Also, due to Potential Ability caps, the settings added in the editor will not always apply exactly*


Incremental Increase:
Current Ability 
Potential Ability 
Tactical Knowledge 
Hardness of Training, varied settings for lower league and top league managers
Judging Player Ability
Judging Player Potential
Man Management
ALL Coaching(except GK)
Working with Youngsters

Limits set + Incremental Increase:
Determination not less than 10
Discipline not less than 10
Versatility not less than 12
Will use Subs is between 14-20(higher for low leagues)
Will use young players in low priority cup matches is at least 12 for higher league and at MOST 5 for lower league
Will make early tactical changes is between 12-20
Will fit players into preferred tactic is less than 11
Physio is 1 (for non-physios)
Squad Rotation is 14-20
Motivation not less than 8
Determination not less than 7
Level of Discipline not less than 7
Tactical Knowledge not less than 7
Judging Player Data set to 1 (to prevent allocation of Current Ability on unused attributes, for non-analyst staff)
Judging Team Data set to 1 (to prevent allocation of Current Ability on unused attributes, for non-analyst staff)
Presenting Data set to 1 (to prevent allocation of Current Ability on unused attributes, for non-analyst staff)
Goalkeeping coaching set to 1 for NON-GK coaches (to prevent allocation of Current Ability on attributes that would be poor and useless. ex: manager's GK at 6, now 1.)

Added missing ethnicity, hair, skin info for 160 CA+ managers
Added preference to be Assistant Manager to 10 For 80-120 CA managers with 14+ tactical knowledge
Added preference to be HOYD to 10 For 80-120 CA managers with 15+ working with youngsters
Reduced ambition slightly (relative to CA/PA)

Increased variation in formations for <180PA managers, to remove the dependency on using primarily 4-4-2, 4-2-3-1, and 4-1-4-1.


Tested for 10 seasons with 80 other data files.


DOWNLOAD Preferred Managers Only version: Mediafire Link - Managers Only

DOWNLOAD ALL Types of Staff version(Preferred Managers changes included): Mediafire Link - ALL types


How to Use this File:

Place in Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2019\editor data folder. Start a new save. When selecting the database(before Advanced Setup), be sure to select the checkbox to enable this file.

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