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Hey all,

I've been wanting to know how sigagames calculate the average rating of a specific player. I'm really curious on the mathematics behind and how they formulated a players average rating.  If anyone in this community is an actual data analyst I'd love you're input on this .

Anyway I'm off to get Woking a treble wish me luck lol.

Hope you guys are have a successful managerial careers in your respective clubs.

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Pretty sure that 'average rating' is just that - the average of all in-game ratings. It's certainly true for the rolling 'last five games' average.

If you mean the rating for in-game performance, that's a much more difficult answer. Basically, there's a massive positive loading for goals scored (but not penalties) and assists. They get points for pass completion, key passes, interceptions, tackles, and so on. The lose points for mistakes like giving the ball away, missed interceptions, consistently missed shots, etc. Own goals are not as big a negative as you'd expect.

The odd aspect of the rating is that there's a general bonus for everyone on the team if you win by a big score, regardless of whether individual players were involved. If you win 5-0, almost everyone gets a 7.5-8.5 rating, even if they just wandered around in defence for 90 minutes.

The other issue often remarked upon, is that goalkeeper and defensive midfielder ratings rarely reflect excellent performances and produce unfairly low averages across the season.

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