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1 - Option to use Hard coded data or Data from the Editor / 2- Suggestion for the editor


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1 - Option to use Hard coded data or edited data;

My suggestion today is to bring an option to the player if he wants to play with the standard hardcoded database provided from SI or like me who likes to change the league rules / club sponsorships , etc from the editor and make the league rules / tv money and stuff like the Premier League where Tv prize money is centralized.

I´m suggesting this because sometimes i like to change some rules in multiple leagues so they use the money that is provided by the league .

In some of them this works but for example on Portugal , the clubs dont use the money given by the league and they make individual contracts all the time because it´s already hardcoded and i dont want that . Thats why i´m suggesting the option to use hardcoded data or data from the editor.  

2- Suggestion for the editor:

 this one is for the editor and is to put an option in which Competition TV Money overrides Individual Club TV deals so if we want to centralize the TV rights in multiple leagues  it would be easier


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