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[Suggestion] Non-Manager Roles

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Something that I'm sure has been discussed in the past, but I feel that being able to play non-manager roles would be a way to add some depth to the game.

At present the only role that you can be appointed to is first team manager. However, a lot of managers have had non-playing careers outside this role at various points, which have aided their development as a manager going forward.

The main roles that I think should be considered for human players are reserve/youth manager, assistant manager, head of youth development, director of football, coach and scout:

  • Reserve/Youth Manager: This would be a fairly straight forward addition to the game. The player would only manage the reserve or youth team of a club, being responsible for matches and training. They would not control things such as contracts or transfers, although it may be possible to suggest contract extensions to the first team manager.
  • Assistant Manager: The assistant manager role would most likely be an advisory role, with the player recommending training set-ups, tactics, line-ups, etc.
  • Head of Youth Development: Playing as the Head of Youth Development would give the player control over development squads and youth intake/contacts, but wouldn't manage the development teams. They may be responsible for a budget to enable them to sign players from other teams.
  • Director of Football: The director of football would be responsible for contract and transfer negotiations. May be responsible overall for transfers, depending on the club.
  • Coach: A coach would be limited to the training options, being able to set and suggest various player development options.
  • Scout: A scout would recommend players to the first team manager and would increase the player's knowledge of various countries without having to manage there.

Each of these would have the ability to increase attributes and reputation of the human player, allowing for a different path through the game. In most cases, these would be roles that simple restrict various functions of the first team manager, negating any major game development to implement them, but would give a potentially more realistic path through the game, especially if you're working your way up from the lower leagues.

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