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[FM18] CONCACAF (North America) Continental Club Competitions

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I’ve modified and added several continental club competitions for the North American continent.

-      CONCACAF Champions League


The format of the CONCACAF Champions League is modified to mirror the UEFA Champions League with qualifying, playoff rounds and a group stage of 32 clubs. All league winners qualify for the competition. The ranking of nations follows latest ranking made by CONCACAF. Higher ranked nations have more than one club qualify (best placed clubs). The winner of the competition, the CONCACAF League & CFU Club Championship qualify for the next year group stage. The prize money is significantly increased to minimize the difference with European competitions.

-      CONCACAF League & CFU Club Championship


Both competitions are now the secondary continental club competitions of the continent with CONCACAF League is for the North & Central American clubs & CFU Club Championship is for the Caribbean clubs.

The format of the competitions is modified to include a group stage. The losers of qualifying & playoff rounds of the CONCACAF Champions League enter the competition. The winner of main domestic cup of each nation qualifies & higher ranked nations have more than one club qualify (best placed clubs). The prize money is also significantly increased

-      CONCACAF Super Cup


Super Cup for winners of the CONCACAF Champions League, CONCACAF League & CFU Club Championship.






Download link : http://www.mediafire.com/file/rj8xvv2q7jdq0vd/NBL_CONCACAF_Continental_Comps.zip/file


Check out more of my custom competitions that are all compatible with one another : -



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On 24/02/2019 at 09:26, Daniel Pineda said:

Hi I really like your work, anyway I was wondering if it is possible I you can have it where mexico and the us compete in the copa libertadores.

I didn't modify the south american continental competitions (Copa Libertadores & Sudamericana). Furthermore, there are no more teams outside of South America plays in the Copa Libertadores since recently including teams from Mexico and the US. So no, there will be no Mexican & US teams compete in the Copa.

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On 11/03/2019 at 21:51, omarsorto6 said:

hello can u help me with the Canada teams  qualification .

I've already replied to your question through private message. Sorry for the late reply as I'm pretty busy lately.

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