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Failed contract talks... how long to wait?

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Hey guys...

If you agree a transfer fee then contract talks break down.... how long do you have to wait before you can agree a transfer again and try again? At the moment I'm seeing the agent saying won't talk as doesn't think contract can be agreed...

Any advice welcomed! 

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I did have a similar experience with one player whose agent was a bit greedy.

So after the first contract negotiation broke down, I made a new offer a week later just to be refused to talk to the player.

I really wanted that player so what I did was to add him as a transfer target.
The General Manager(?) made an offer the next day and the agent had no trouble letting the player speak to my boss :) He actually did quite a good job in terms of transfer fee and contract terms.

The bottom line is that I don't know if there is a fixed period after you are allowed to interact with the player again, or if it depends on reputation, agent/manager attributes, etc... 


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It seems a bit random to me.

I asked my DoF to sign Tonali and he agreed a fee but then not the contract. I went straight back and was allowed to talk to him and agree a better contract. 


However, same thing happened again with a regen. The club then rejected the same offer but eventually accepted a deal for an additional £5m but the player won't discuss anything.

Sorry not much help, I would just keep trying every couple of weeks

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