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[FM19] Nottingham Forest - Academy or Bust, we must bring back those European Glory Days


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This one is for me, I've never really played as "my" team on here as starting in the Championship for me feels a little like cheating. I toyed with playing the manager up from the Lower Leagues and earning the job (which I think will be the plan for FM2020) but we are almost in Feb, and with the players in the squad currently, it's time ti be selfish and play as Nottingham Forest. The aim, to take them back to European Glory and try and emulate Brian Clough winning back-to-back European Cups. 

The aim of this is to be more in-depth, if it takes a month to do a season, that is fine. It is not a rush through job, but one to saviour and get more in depth with the team, the games and the progression back to the top (hopefully). It's time.....



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