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[FM 2019] From Fishermen to World Champions


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In the beautiful Azores there is a little parish called Rabo de Peixe (literally Fish Tail), this village is famous their portuguese/azorean accent that is impossible to understand even for the locals. This parish only has 8866 people and most of them (as the title states) are fishermen who find in the sea their survival and way of making a living. In spite of this particualrities this little town (much like most of Portuguese places) has a football team.

The team has achieved mediocre success, expected considering that the side is fully amateur and that Santa Clara from Portuguese first division has 90% of all the azorean success, and therefore most of the money from the government, and their biggest feat was to play against the (at the time) 2nd Liga team Gil Vicente at the Portuguese Cup. While the team has already played in "semi-national" level, they never played in the full national league; they played in the 3rd Division but at the time their series was composed solely of azorean teams, so my goal is to make this team to be the most feared team in the world

So far we are in Liga Meo Azores and 90% of our team is local and also composed of fishermen, but do not let that fool you, this team has an average of 1500 people watching their games


Here is our lovely logo


So with a logo like that we are groomed to be successful

Lets do this!


Thank you all in advance for the possible support :)
In the next update I shall introduce my key players, tactics and pre-season friendlies

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