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Director of football Role Adjusted

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I feel that the DoF is currently just another staff member. I believe that, in real life, they are much more (if they exist at all in the club). In some clubs, they are a central figure. I would like to see this more well explored in FM.


  • The club could have an imposed structure on who decides about transfers - the manager or the DoF. This should be part of the contract negotiation with new clubs and could be a feature of the game that could be turned off for FM players that want always to control everything.
  • If the DoF is in charge of buying and selling players, two things should happen:
    • The media, club and supports should not complain with us about new signings or sells;
    • Before a transfer window, there should be a talk with the DoF indicating which type of players do we need to get in the team (position and ability) and which should be released.
  • There should be a relationship between the DoF and the manager. These dynamics are also very important within the club.
  • The club should be in charge of hiring this DoF and their policy DoF-manager could change during a save (if this option is turned on).
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Yeah, I agree to everything here. Got some further suggestions to add to the idea.

Every so often the director of football shows you several targets that he could agree a deal with. You could then set a priority order for targets (e.g. if he can't agree terms with the first target, he'll move onto the next). Your relationship with him could determine whether he goes along with your suggestions, or decide he knows best and buy the player he wants, rather than who you want.

Also, you could have a situation, which I hear does happen at some clubs, where the club or DoF just buys a player without your input, and then the board demand you play him all the time to satisfy sponsors, shirt sales, etc.

You could also set the DoFs to deal directly with player's agents. Therefore, if an agent tries to get his player a better contract, he has to speak to the DoF instead of the manager. The DoF can then discuss with the manager about how highly he values the player in question, and if the ultimate decision is to not increase the player's wage, then the DoF will be the one to reject the new contract, meaning the agent/player isn't angry with the manager, but rather at the DoF and club. This will allow the manager to still be able to interact with the player on general football activities, though the player might still in the background be unhappy and try to seek a move away from the club.

The DoF could also have a preferred style of play, and could only go for players that suit his particular style rather than the manager's style, thus it's important to have a DoF whose style fits with the manager's and vise versa. Maybe the manager has to amend his style to suit the DoF's.


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