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I am playing in Asia and choose the three available leagues including the australian league. Ended up in second division in Korea as an unknown trainer.

One of the teams in K2 league are unplayable. Asan Mugunghwa. And despite four of my players are loaned to the club they do not appear on their roster. 

Why is it like this?

Thanks in advance 





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This is because it is one of the military teams in South Korea. Players play on loan for the club while they are serving their mandatory military service. This is also true of Sangju in the K League 1. Those 4 players would be players who are currently serving their military service. Hope that answers your question!

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11 minutes ago, Cothucotchy said:

Thank you for your swift answer. A folllow up question if you do not mind? 

 Why are the players lend to the club not playing and not visible in the squad or the matches?

This is because on mobile we ensure that there cannot be any real players for the club, so we generate random players who cannot be interacted with and therefore display like this on the Match Preview screens. This is the same for Sangju.

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