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what do Directors do?

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Do they have any impact on finances or are they just there for visual aesthetics? Do their attributes such as resources and business have any baring on your finances or is it exclusively the chairman that has any impact. For example say you had a chairman that had poor attributes for business but had 5 directors who all had 20 for business would that generate more revenue even if you had a poor chairman?

Also why is it that you can't see attributes/profiles for board members. Wouldn't it be useful to know more about your chairman other than looking in the editor.

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It's a question asked the world over no doubt by employees all around the world, what do directors do.

In FM terms, jobs can be delegated to certain roles so it helps to better reflect the structure of clubs. Some clubs have a very hands-off chairman for example. So the answer is a somewhat unsatisfying "it depends" in most cases they can just be reflecting the reality (multiple shareholders on the board for example) and don't necessarily have any impact.

The attributes in this area of the game tend to move beyond a lot of the simpler stuff on the player pages. The business rating alone refers to:
- Ability to generate money for the club through off field activities (irrespective of their own money usage)
- Affects the way in which the chairman sets budgets for the club
- Is used in board requests in conjunction with other attributes, so certain combinations can make it less likely to be granted.

The attributes can also impact on the likely behaviour of a director who leaves a club (such as following a takeover) so under certain circumstances it can be more likely that a director who had previously been at Club A before their takeover is now in the position to look to takeover a club himself. 

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