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(FM18) Building a Nation - Israel


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Hello guys, I've been a lurker for quite some time here, so I don't expect any of you to know who I am. Anyways, I have free time and I don't know yet when (or if) I will get FM19 so for the time being, I decided to start a save and share it with you!

As the title suggests, I will be managing in Israel, trying to build the nation and make it as competitive as possible in Europe and eventually the world.

So, lets begin!


The club I will be manging during this save is F.C Bosmat Tab'un. The reason I picked them is because they are in the lowest playable division I found, and also, they are literally 5 minutes away from my home!


So, this will be us for this save! Not a lot to see here until we start getting better Licenses.

This club won nothing. It is a small Arab village in Israel and usually any good kid from around the area will go to play for one of Haifa's youth teams.

My goal is simple, go up the divisions, make this club succesful and do so using Israeli players only. Hopefully we can manage to get a good youth recruitment!

So, lets get started!

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Getting in and around


Well, this is the squad that I had when I came in. Don't get used to it, as most of them will probably change during the season!


The board want us to finish Mid-table, a bit better than the bookies expect. My goal is to be competitive in the league, and I don't at all expect a promotion in the first two seasons.

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Preseason 2017


So, a ton of games because we had 4 months of preseason. In there we also have the First Round of the Israeli Cup, where we lost to a team two divisions above. Only 1-0 though so not too bad!


Transfers. I won't go over these players because there really isn't anything to show, but if someone will come out as super good, you'll get to know them

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October 2017


Not a bad start at all! 2 wins, 2 draws. And, I guess you can see one name that is just scoring for fun!


His stats are fairly good for this level, and I think that with his pace he will just continue to dominate. Hopefully we can keep him here for the rest of the season.


This is a sad, sad time! Not too long but I hope it doesn't hurt our attack for the coming games. Should be back and straight into AMC.


Well, three points off but a game in hand. I will gladly take that.

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February 2018



Kind of took the foot off the gas in the last two games but....


Champions! Totally didn't expect this in the first season but we are doing so well! Three games to go. Avoid defeats and we can be THE INVINCIBLES.

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1 hour ago, Minuy600 said:

Always interesting to see somewhat underused leagues get attention. Good luck! May I ask what tier this is?

As @Makoto Nakamura said it is the 5th tier (it is split into 8 regional leagues). Thanks!

36 minutes ago, Makoto Nakamura said:

It's the 5th tier.

Can I ask how Bnei Eilat got on?

Of course!


They still have 6 games to play. Will let you know what happens with them at the end of their season :)

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Season Review


Would have been funny if we didn't dominate the player stats!


Basically the side we played with throughout the whole season when everyone is fit.

I am having a bit of a problem with the DB which I hope will fix itself. We didn't get a Youth Intake and also something weird with the stadium and all. Will let you guys know if it fixes.


The board have decided to turn us into a Semi-Pro club, hopefully this will allow us to be more competitive. Have to try to balance the books though.

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Preseason 2018


Brought in three players to strengthen the team a bit. ML, ST, DM in order. Nothing special so no pictures yet!


Should be easy enough. Can only do better really.


Can we get our loyal fans a pay day?

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10 minutes ago, Minuy600 said:

Could you explain why so many lower league clubs share the same logo in Israel? Pure coincidence?

Historically sporting unions were formed when Jews were spread out over the world. Those unions for example are "Hapoel", "Maccabi", "Beitar", "Ahi", "Hakoah"... A lot of clubs in Israel (most) are still part of those unions and that is why they share logos (the ones that are similar are usually just the union logo).

Edit: I do think though that the reason why in this save there is a huge amount of similar logos is due to bad research of the logo pack, where if they couldn't find the logo of the specific club they just stuck the basic one.

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On 23/01/2019 at 00:34, Trilderos said:

Great job in season one and it seems like you'll likely survive in season 2. Love the save so far and I'm excited to see where this heads. 

Thanks a lot mate!

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January 2019


Brought in a Halaby (LB) and Elimelech (GK) as those were two position we needed to strengthen. Elimelech is now our first choice keeper.



A perfect month! We are now sitting in 6th, 13 points above relegation and only 5 behind a playoff spot! I wouldn't suggest that we should push for the playoffs but if we keep our form up, I wouldn't be surprised.

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March 2019


I have no idea why our form has taken such a huge dip! We are basically going to finish somewhere midtable so it isn't too bad.


Problem Update:

For some reason I am not getting youth intake. I will play until the end of the season but I think I might have to start a different save as it would make this one much less interesting.

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May 2019



No wins in the final month of the season but still managed top 10.


I will not continue this save. It isn't fun when Youth Intake is not a part of it. I am returning home on Saturday and I am planning to get FM19 so I will start a new save when I am back home :)

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