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Penalty Conversion Rate Bug?

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Since this is purely Talking (short-term) stats, and Nothing much specific, google:

- sample size
- random Chance
- regression to the mean


FM has never modeled Players to be "invincible" with Players at 20 attributes. The top takers in current Football that average conversion rates of 85% + tend to be Players who have not yet a significant track record to Show -- those who do, don't convert roughly 1 in 5 to 1 in 6 penalties longer term.  Speaking of which, this brings up a game issue, as an actual manager in actual Football can try to gauge his Players day in day out -- not exclusively the couple of kicks per season throughout matches. This goes for more stuff than but penalties, but yeah. If implemented though, I fear it would simply be another Advantage over the game's AI who couldn't use added Feedback via trainingn drills as intelligently as the Player.... Much like all the spoon feeding added Feedback that has been added throughout the years.



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Penalties are spot on imo. I love the randomness. 

IRL I believe the conversion rate is around 75-80%, which would be 6-7 out of 9 in your case.  Your guy is a little lower, but I played 1.5 season and my penalty taker did not miss any yet (I think he took 5 so far). Without randomness it would be boring imo.

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