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[FM19] Breizh da viken - Brittany forever


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And Now for Something Completely Different...

Long time FM player, I am one of those who struggle to find an interesting challenge and keep saves going for more than 2-3 seasons. So I’ve decided to share a career with the community, hoping this would push me to keep going and take on a challenge somehow different.

The idea would be to play using the same rules as Athletic Bilbao, only signing players from a specific region and promote youngsters from the academy. Being myself from Brittany, France, a region with a strong regional identity, I decided to start a save with “Le Stade Rennais Football Club”, from the city of Rennes.



Why "The Red and Black"? 

- Top flight football, solid finances

- Very good and well balanced squad to start with

- Low expectation from owner, top half finish for 1st season should be relatively easy

- Very good youth academy, one of the best in the country 

- Decent size stadium “Roazhon Park” 29,778

- An underwriter sugar daddy, Francois Pinault

- And finally its most famous fan, Salma Hayek




The challenge :

- Sign only players and staff born in Brittany or promote players from youth academy

- Do not renew contracts for current players or staff not born in Brittany, sell or let their contracts ending

- Maintain the club in Ligue 1

- PSG being out of reach for the league title, compete with Lyon, Monaco and Marseille for European spots

- Have a native and/or club home-grown player called for the national team 

- Win a domestic trophy with a team composed only of players born in the region and/or club home-grown


Want to try this challenge yourself with one of the clubs based in Brittany?

From Ligue 1the FC Nantes, the Stade Rennais F.C. or En Avant de Guingamp

From Ligue 2the FC Lorient or the Stade Brestois 29

From National: US Concarneau (the ultimate challenge!)

you may want to download this filter to scout only players and staff born in Brittany: 



There around 500 Players you can sign from at the beginning of a game, the best ones being :

ST : Gonzalo Higuain, Mickael Le Bihan, Pierre-Yves Hamel, Gaetan Courtet

Mid: Jordan Veretout, Yohann Gourcuff, Abdoulaye Touré, Kevin N’Doram, Jeremy Toulalan

Def: Maxime Le Marchand, Romain Thomas, Christophe Kerbrat, Vincent Le Goff

GK : Gautier Larsonneur, Maxime Dupé, Damien Perquis




Yeah that may look a little strange in the end... a club from Brittany, Salma Hayek and Gonzalo Higuain in the same post ... but well if you look for something completely different, this may be for you!

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About the region :

Brittany is a cultural region in the northwest of France, covering the western part of what was known as Armorica during the period of Roman occupation. It became an independent kingdom and then a duchy before being united with the Kingdom of France in 1532 as a province governed as if it were a separate nation under the crown.





The population of historic Brittany is estimated to be around 4.6 M. Its largest metropolitan areas are Nantes (897,713 inhabitants), Rennes (690,467 inhabitants), and Brest (314,844 inhabitants).

Brittany is the traditional homeland of the Breton people and is recognised by the Celtic League as one of the six Celtic nations (Cornwall, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and the Isle of Man) retaining a distinct cultural identity that reflects its history.



French, the only official language of the French Republic, is spoken today by everybody in Brittany, and it is the mother tongue of most people. Nonetheless, French was not widely known before the 19th century, and two regional languages exist in Brittany: Breton and Gallo. Breton is a Celtic language derived from the historical Common Brittonic language, and is most closely related to Cornish and Welsh. 


Culture and sports:

Bretons have a strong cultural identity with :

- its folk music (bands composed of bagpipes, bombards and drums)

- its flag “Gwenn-ha-du” which means “white and black” in Breton.

- its national anthem called "Bro Gozh ma Zadoù" which means “Old Land of Our Fathers”.

- and a famous reputation for the booze...


Football, cycling and sailing are the three most popular sports in the region. Its major football teams are :

L1 : the FC Nantes, the Stade Rennais F.C. and the En Avant de Guingamp

L2 :  the FC Lorient and the Stade Brestois 29

National : US Concarneau

and many more in lower leagues, Vannes OC, US Saint Malo, Stade Briochin, Plabennec among others

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Unknown.jpeg.c9051345e5ebcb34dca2e4f467b37351.jpeg                    STADE RENNAIS FOOTBALL CLUB       Unknown.png.8b7454202dfe4f138b9b5b4745e20dee.png


                                                                                                            Coupe de France (2) : 1965 - 1971

                                                                                       Best league positions in L1 : 4th in 1949 - 1965 - 2005 - 2007



                                                                                    PRE-SEASON - SEASON 2018-19 


Board minimum expectation :  L1 Top Half-Finish - Coupe de France 11th RD - Coupe de la Ligue QF - Europa League 1st Knockout RD

Media prediction : 9th

Transfers Budget : £8.93m - Wage Budget £0.55m - Current Wage Spend £0.55m



 bre.png.8282ac5924de7553a6eb20dbc5a1c915.png 4 -   D/WB(R) Romain Danzé - D(RC) Gerzino Nyamsi - DC/DM Jérémy Gélin - DM/MC Denis-Will Poha

fra.png.c1663eb00001d4fdde0b9ef34271e52f.png 10 - DL/WB/M(L) Ludovic Baal - DC/DM Damien Da Silva - DM/MC Benjamin André - M/AM(C) Rafik Guitane - M(RC)/AM(C) Adrien Hunou - M(RC)/AM(C) Benjamin Bourigeaud - M/AM(C) Clément Grenier - M(LC)/AM(L) James Léa-Siliki - M/AM(RL) Romain Del Castillo - AM(RC)/STC Hatem Ben Arfa 

sen.png.d8c9a565a72f066df998a4e627613471.png 3 - GK Abdoulaye Diallo - AM(RL)/STC Ismaila Sarr - AM(RL)/STC M'Baye Niang 

alg.png.426008aac9d42f9398954faed6aa0f3d.png 1 - D(LC)/DM Ramy Bensebaini

cze.png.29554028fa0f41dd5782716718518fb0.png 1 - GK Tomas Koubek

mli.png.a9eaac52a2f97a688d713ef0ce2ecd71.png 1 - D/WB(R) Hamari Traoré

moz.png.7a36217673af70660b36fe4f2499fcb9.png 1 - DC Edson Mexer

swe.png.da3bb2730bde3091003c1c23ca5dfcb1.png 1 - DM/MC Jakob Johansson

usa.png.3d4bd2caf53f01261bfffbef3bddf4f1.png 1 - AM(R)/STC Jordan Siebatcheu


STAR PLAYER Hatem Ben Arfa




IN - DL/WB/M(L) Vincent Le Goff €1.1m from FC Lorient to anticipate DL Ludovic Baal 's end of contract 

IN - AM(R)/STC Mickael Le Bihan €1.2m from OGC Nice to replace AM(R)/STC Jordan Siebatcheu injured for 3 months during friendlies

OUT - DR/WB/AM(R) Mehdi Zeffane 0.5m to Strasbourg 




Given the talents on the wings the most suitable tactic would be a 4-1-4-1 DM Wide. The likes of Grenier, André, Bourigeaud, Ben Arfa , Sarr and loanee Niang should help achieving above expectations while developing youth and signing Breton players.




A defensive line almost Breton!



M(R) Armand Lauriante - ST(C) Arnaud Tattevin - M/AM(C) Nicolas Janvier - ST(C) Timothé Nkada - ST(C) Alan Kérouédan

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Salma Hayek looks stunning in the Red Dress accenting her Black Hair!

I will follow for that reason alone.....LOL!

I generally play with ASSE in France and do something similar, but always frustrated by PSG and AS Monaco and eventually having to recruit foreigners to fill out the team to compete.

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@nie jem frytek

Thanks, and sorry for the introduction that may sound pompous . I was just trying to find an original way to start ... thought a reference to Monty Python would be funny.

I never came across your own thread, but will follow now. How does it not show in the top list?  

Edit : now that I have posted a comment it is showing up...


Yeah, her hair's Black as the devil, hot as hell in this Red dress ...grrrrrrrrr...  Come on The Red and Black!

Thanks for following!


*clap clap clap clap*  Will Try To Sign Him!  Will Try To Sign Him!  Will Try To Sign Him!  

Signing him won't be an easy business though...Thanks for following!

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1 hour ago, breizhdaviken said:

@nie jem frytek

Thanks, and sorry for the introduction that may sound pompous . I was just trying to find an original way to start ... thought a reference to Monty Python would be funny.

I never came across your own thread, but will follow now. How does it not show in the top list?  

No reason to be sorry, if anything I should be sorry for advertising my own thread :D

It wasn't showing up, as I don't play FM as much as I did in previous few weeks and updates became much slower.

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                                                                                               AUGUST - SEASON 2018-19 



727169126_ScreenShot2019-01-19at09_43_38.thumb.png.62cf67ed0e8bff65d09beaf9f3042925.png                             2136251359_ScreenShot2019-01-19at10_17_52.thumb.png.012b0357dae2810723e4c70244827e65.png


An unexpected start in L1 for us and neighbours SCO Angers. We had a good preparation with 12 friendlies to be tactically ready and only 3 players injured ( Siebatcheu, Johansson and Hunou).

Day 1, Lyon did not turn up and was never in the match. As very often, former players get that extra motivation and Grenier and Ben Arfa had outstanding performances.

Against Toulouse, it was tight and I would have been happy with a draw but late goal from Poha gave us the three points. Followed another difficult game away to St. Etienne where I was not expecting much and was surprised we contained "Les Verts".

We have a tough draw in Europa League , not much expectation there. We will try to get out of the group. 

Domestic cups should be more in our reach and this is where I'll play our best 11. 

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                                                                                              SEPTEMBER - SEASON 2018-19 


The visit of Strasbourg did not give us any headache, with 1st goal of the season for Niang and an OG from Alsatian defender Mitrovic.

Our largest attendance to date this season 27,554, saw a difficult win against the Normands from Caen. We were not expecting any different from a solid and well organised team. 2 goals from 2 HGC* Breton players Nyamsi and Gélin, who both scored their first of the season,  gave us the victory.

Followed our first match in Europa League, a trip to Krasnodar of 3100 kms as the crow flies. I did not expect much so fully rotated the team. Fun fact, I was surprised to see that Andrey Arshavin, 37 yrs old, was lined up as a lone striker for the Russians. We started surprisingly well with a beauty from Ben Arfa. The Russian GK Guilherme did the rest, mis-clearing a ball on Le Bihan’s head which bounced into the net and he also scored an OG.


Spasibo! ;-)

Good to alternate long trip with short, Angers being only 130 kms from Rennes. Our neighbour had a good start in the league with 3 wins in a row, but suffered 2 losses before our visit. I lined up our strongest 11 thinking it would be easy. We had to wait the last third of the match to break the deadlock with goals from Niang and Saar.

I rotated the team entirely again when Amiens with their super star Ganso came to town. We touched the bar three times in first half. Amiens was defending deep and I had to bring in Grenier and André to break them down. 2nd goal of the season for HGC* Breton midfielder Poha, followed by a goal Grenier, and a late from Ben Arfa. 6th game in a row without conceding, new team’s record.

Last match of September took us to one of our longest trip down to Nice on the Riviera. The strongest team was lined up and a couple of goals from Traoré and Niang sealed the match. Our newly acquired Breton striker Le Bihan made his return to his former employer but did not play.

*Home-Grown at Club



Who did mention Roy Keane? :lol:



The league positions are not important at this stage of the season but it's always better to take a good start. Lyon has recovered very well since our first encounter and interestingly PSG already lost 2 matches. Beside Lyon, we haven't yet met any top team but I was not expecting such a start, and the fact that we haven't conceded one single goal the last 7 matches. Probably my best ever start of all times in FM. 

Let's enjoy this as it may not last long with our recruitment policy. Hope the board and fans won't get too excited about it.

In October, I will continue to rotate the team, playing my best 11 against Ajax, Reims and PSG, and weaker sides against Nimes at home and away to Sevilla.

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I see you are big on rotation. Trying to have your strongest 11 against the best.

I often do it opposite..

because to win a league: "you need to beat the cellar-dwellers like a drum and break even against the contenders" -Connie Mack (American Baseball Manager)

but then my first and second 11's are usually near identical in terms of talent (and have same ppms trained)

and backups can surprise you....(I just beat Barcelona at home 2-0) and I didn't "Park the Bus"

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Very good point, always rotate a lot in any save to keep everyone fit. I usually play like you do if my goal is to get best results, trying to establish two equally balanced 11, and play what may be the slightly weakest in game when the odds are against.

Here what I am trying to achieve is to give exposure to all non-Breton players so that I can sell them all asap and give game time to my home-grown. My ultimate goal is to win a trophy with a full Breton or home-grown team, so I am not chasing any trophies yet for at least 2-3 seasons. A place in the CL would nice just to bring some extra cash.


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                                                                                              OCTOBER - SEASON 2018-19 



Full strength team against Ajax and an easy win. Team is now very familiar with 4141 DM Wide and pairs on the best 11 start to form.
Next newly promoted Nimes came to Roazhon Park. Our rotation played well, but could not get a goal. Grenier and André were brought in to unlock the match. 
Instead in the last 10 mins the “Crocodiles” took the lead on a counter with a goal from Maoussa, a player on loan … from us.  Classic!
First defeat of the season.

Given there was an international break after, I should have probably played my strongest 11, but well... let’s move on.

After the break we had the opportunity to bounce back with a trip to Reims, Champagne where we played our best 11.  1st goal of the season for Johansson gave us an early lead. 1st goal for André too to double our lead and Niang added another one in 2nd half. Reims later reduced the deficit and wasted a chance to come back 2-3 with a penalty at 70’.

The 3rd match day in Europa League took us to Sevilla, a magnificent city to visit. Ahead of this encounter we were topping the group with 6 points, Betis being 2nd  with 4 pts. We played our weakest 11, with in mind our next match against the mighty PSG.
Betis took the lead on a cheap penalty in first half and for the first time of the season we were totally dominated. The hair dryer was out for the first time during HT team talks. A much better production in then 2nd half, but we got caught again cheaply due to a lack of concentration in defense.

A win against billionaire club PSG in front an estatic crowd and our highest attendance of the season took us 6 pts clear at the top of the league. PSG looked tired and its stars uninspired.
After the match, overjoyed Salma Hayek, who attended the match with her husband Francois-Henri Pinault, declared in a sweet broken French accent:
“J’aime le Stade Rennais”




In November, I will continue to rotate the team, playing my best 11 against Betis to secure a qualification in EL group asap and Marseille away. I will line up  weaker sides against Bordeaux, Lille and Krasnodar at home. It will be less straight forward as I am starting to get some injured players, and some tensions in the dressing room with Edson Mexer,  first to come to whinge about lack of game time. He will be offload in winter if possible.



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                                                                                             NOVEMBER - SEASON 2018-19



Not our best performance away to Bordeaux but a goal on 1st appearance this season for Lea-Siliki was enough to give us the 3 points.

Mad match on day 4 of Europa league group stages, where we hosted Betis with our strongest side. goals from Grenier,  Sarr and a hat-trick from Niang sealed a convincing win. We finished at 10 in the last 15 mins, Traoré being shown red. First red card of the season all competitions.

Lille was our next opponent, a team engaged in a surprising relegation battle but who was probably better than their current league position suggested. We thought we did enough when Poha scored on 81’, but Loic Remy nicked a late equalizer 3 minutes from end, his 2nd goal on the day.

The Medical centre started to fill with 5 first squad members out ahead our trip to Marseille, no long term injury though. L’OM started the match strongly and Koubek had to make some great saves. Then out of nowhere one of our most promising young Breton, Gélin, scored a left foot stunner. The game then opened up with lot of goals from both sides. We got the upper hand in the end.

Next was the reception of Russian side Krasnodar at the Roazhon Park. Before the match we were leading the group with 9 pts and they were 4th with 0 pt. No brainer, a win would secure our progression to knockout rounds. Due to suspensions and injuries, 18 yrs HGC Boey made his professional debut in the starting 11.  16 yrs Galisson came in in 2nd half and became the youngest player to ever play for Rennes ( 16 yrs and 96 days ). Siebatcheu had his first selection with the group, being constantly out for injuries since July but he did not come in. The match unlocked in the last third with a goal from club captain André , 2 from Grenier whom one was a 27 meters screamer, and a late one from Bourigeaud. Mission accomplished, we progress to the knockout rounds.


A very heavy schedule coming up in December with 8 matches whom 2 would be derbies against Breton fellow teams. We drew Lyon in the "Coupe de la Ligue" and this will be our priority.

On 22nd November, the board met with me to renew my contract. They only offered me 2 years while I wanted 3. After some civil but tough negotiations, I agreed to lower wages and ended getting 3 years. It may make me harder to sack in case things turn ugly with my recruitment policy they are not aware about.








FUN FACT: FM is so close to reality sometimes ...


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I can't believe your still on top of the Ligue 1.  PSG ALWAYS wins 9/10 matches and I usually catch them only when I don't have other competitions to worry about.

They are without a doubt the Evil Empire of French Football.

with AS Monaco, OL and OM as runners up. 

They all spend so much money...mostly because the AI has never seen a transfer fee It didn't love if it is AI to AI!

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True, in my save Ligue 1 was the second bigger spender, mainly PSG, Monaco and Lyon. That may explain that they did not have a great start. PSG is still 1 point behind Rennes, but we have a game in hand.

I foresee a second part of season more difficult, there are some clubs lurking now after 5-6 of my key players. I will let them go if decent offers and I will replace them with Breton only.

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                                                           DECEMBER and MID-SEASON - SEASON 2018-19



Another very prolific month with victories in the Breton derbies against Guingamp and Nantes and a qualification secured against Lyon in the "Coupe de la Ligue". We drew RC Lens next who made the headlines by kicking out PSG out of this cup on penalty shootout.

Only 1 defeat this month was in Amsterdam which cost us the first place of the group. We drew Scottish Rangers FC and Ajax got RB Leipzig next in the 1st knockout round.



In Ligue 1, FC Nantes and En Avant Guingamp are doing fine and should secure another season at this level.

In Ligue 2, Brest is leading and Lorient is in third. We could have an historical 5 Breton in Ligue 1 if both get promoted.

In National, Concarneau will have to battle to avoid the drop.




We drew RC Lens, PSG 's winner, in the Coupe de la Ligue.




Teaser There are going to be a lot of moves in & out, with maybe the return of a prodigal son home...


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                                        WINTER TRANSFERS - SEASON 2018-19


                                                              images.jpeg.26df02775aae793ce64ca6fe62072ecb.jpeg    Unknown.jpeg.b8ee9a8e9fa668caf5547690456b5878.jpeg   Unknown-3.jpeg.2f631920f6c6967fe2729b922cfc341d.jpeg                                                             

                                                                         Mickael Le Bihan                           Gautier Larsonneur                     Maxime Le Marchand




A net deficit of €3 m  - 7 Brittany-born players signed this season to date





We signed France national under-21 GK Gautier Larsonneur from Stade Brestois 29.  His family are fishermen from Le Conquet, a small town at the very west point of Brittany. 


Gautier with his parents, and Le Conquet.




 bre.png.8282ac5924de7553a6eb20dbc5a1c915.png 6 HGC*  D/WB(R) Romain Danzé - D(RC) Gerzino Nyamsi - DC/DM Maxime Le Marchand - DC/DM Jérémy Gélin - DM/MC Denis-Will Poha - M/AM(C) Nicolas Janvier

 bre.png.8282ac5924de7553a6eb20dbc5a1c915.png 6 : GK Gautier Larsonneur - GK Maxime Dupé - D/WB(RL) Chaker Alhadhur - DL/WB/M(L) Vincent Le Goff - DM/MC Abdoulaye Traoré - AM(R)/ST(C) Mickael Le Bihan

fra.png.c1663eb00001d4fdde0b9ef34271e52f.png 2 HGC* :  D/WB(L) Namakoro Diallo - M(RC)/AM(C) Adrien Hunou

fra.png.c1663eb00001d4fdde0b9ef34271e52f.png 8 - DL/WB/M(L) Ludovic Baal - DC/DM Damien Da Silva - DM/MC Benjamin André - M(RC)/AM(C) Benjamin Bourigeaud - M/AM(C) Clément Grenier - M(LC)/AM(L)  James Léa-Siliki - M/AM(RL) Romain Del Castillo - AM(RC)/ST(C) Hatem Ben Arfa 

sen.png.d8c9a565a72f066df998a4e627613471.png 2 - AM(RL)/STC Ismaila Sarr - AM(RL)/STC M'Baye Niang 

alg.png.426008aac9d42f9398954faed6aa0f3d.png 1 - D(LC)/DM Ramy Bensebaini

usa.png.3d4bd2caf53f01261bfffbef3bddf4f1.png 1 - AM(R)/STC Jordan Siebatcheu


*Home-Grown at Club

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                                                  JANUARY - SEASON 2018-19



We qualified for the "Coupe de la Ligue" final in April with an easy disposal of Monaco. We qualified against Sannois St. Gratien, 3rd Div , in the "Coupe de France". Only defeat this month was s at home against St. Etienne in the league, who turn around the situation with 2 late goal (90'+3, 90'+5)

PSG is not doing too well with 5 defeats already  in the league, neither Monaco. Lyon seems to be the more constant.


PSG recent matches :



                                                                                                                                     FEBRUARY SCHEDULE:


The new signings have adapted quickly and gelled well. I start to believe we could well keep our form and poached the title for the first time in club history.

Coming up a Breton derby against Stade Brestois 29 in the next "Coupe de France" round and an exciting double-encounter against the Rangers.

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                                                  FEBRUARY - SEASON 2018-19


Another prolific month with a qualification in the "Coupe de France" against rivals from Brest and a difficult qualification in extra-time against the Rangers.



                                                                                                                                     MARCH SCHEDULE:


Our adventures in the Europa League are likely to stop as Chelsea may be a step too high for us. Other key match in March will be the ""Coupe de France" against SC Schiltigheim from National 2 (4th div.)

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                                                MARCH - SEASON 2018-19


Chelsea was too good for us as expected. A good draw in Paris to keep them at safe distance. Tuchel was sacked and replaced by Wenger.



A very exciting month ahead with a "Coupe de la ligue" final against Bordeaux, in Bordeaux. Then Lyon in "Coupe de France" quarters, followed by the the reception of l'OM. The month will concluded with a Breton derby against EA Guingamp.



We have the chance to win the first "Coupe de la Ligue" in the club history, and first trophy since 1971.

IRL, in 2009, Rennes reached the Coupe de France final for the fourth time in its history. In the final, Rennes faced Breton rival EA Guingamp and was the heavy favourite. Despite taking the lead in the second half, however, Rennes was defeated 2–1 after Guingamp scored two goals in a ten-minute span. In 2013, Rennes reached the Coupe de la Ligue final and lost to St. Etienne 1-0.  In 2014, Rennes made the Coupe de France final and once again their opponent was EA Guingamp. In a tense final, Rennes lost the match to their fierce rivals 2–0.  Let's hope the curse is broken and that we bring the cup to our most famous fan.                                                                                                           



Screen Shot 2019-01-28 at 20.47.38.png

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                                                APRIL - SEASON 2018-19


We screwed up and missed our Coupe de la ligue final. I thought we would take them into the extra-time, but a very late goal on 90' + 4 spoilt it. Very disappointing.  We recovered well in the league, and also qualified for the Coupe de France semi-final.

Same as first team, the U19 lost in final... there is definitely a curse on us! 




Reims, from Champagne will visit us for the Coupe de France semis and then we have 4 matches to take at least 2 points to be  crowned "Kampion Frañs 2019".


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                                                MAY - SEASON 2018-19


We developed a bad habit to start the month poorly with another exit this time in the Coupe de France semi-final at home against Reims, no cup this year for us.

But things continued to go unexpectedly well in Ligue 1, and we won our 4 last matches, finishing French Champions against all odds. The team secured the league win in an empty stadium in Monaco, with 3 matches in hand. Would have preferred to win it at home in front of a full crowd, but well won't complain!


                  791993258_Unknown00_25_08.jpeg.a1502160baec4e3f7d27bc695f63fb87.jpeg    STADE RENNAIS FOOTBALL CLUB, KAMPION FRAÑS 2019!!!


The challenge continues with an interesting pre-season where a dozen of players should leave to turn the team into a full Brittany-born and Home-Grown at Club players for next season. Tactically we will move from a 4141 DM wide to a 4132 DM axial as we will have not much quality on the wings. 

Recruitment wise, we will need to bring in a DG(L), a DC, a DM, one or two CMs and 2 Strikers , 6-7 players in total. Hope it will not unbalanced the team too much.


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                                              COMPETITIONS - SEASON 2018-19





                                                                                                    1782970912_ScreenShot2019-01-30at23_03_58.thumb.png.c8d3decdfa466c8ce424f66a3e256a28.png    651292571_ScreenShot2019-01-30at23_04_56.thumb.png.4d3c46ac54fab0c80a42b0c31b4082d7.png


                                              Stade Brestois (29) and FC Lorient (56) will join Stade Rennais FC (35), EA Guingamp (22) and FC Nantes (44) in Ligue 1 next season.

                                                                                                   For the first time in history, there will be 5 Breton clubs competing in Ligue 1.

                                                                                                                    One will line up only Breton or home-grown players...




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What is a (DG)L?


and Congratulations on the Ligue 1 Victory. What are your goals for next season? I think a Coupe de France Trophee would look nice. n'est pas?

Are you going to invest the Champions Cup money in Facilities or the Squad?

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Thanks for following! The original challenge is still to be completed, which is winning a trophy with a team of only Bretons, or club homegrown.  Money made from offloading all non-Breton talents has already been invested in developing  training and youth facilities, as well as youth network. I have signed as well almost any decent Bretons, sometimes paying ridiculous transfer fees.

and I meant left back, DL.

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Unknown.jpeg.c9051345e5ebcb34dca2e4f467b37351.jpeg                    STADE RENNAIS FOOTBALL CLUB       Unknown.png.8b7454202dfe4f138b9b5b4745e20dee.png


                                                                                                              Ligue 1 Winners (1) : 2019

                                                                                                          Coupe de France (2) : 1965 - 1971



                                                                                     PRE-SEASON - SEASON 2019-20


Board minimum expectation :  L1 EL qualification - Coupe de France QF - Coupe de la Ligue QF - Champions League Groups stage

Media prediction : 

Transfers Budget : €27.61m - Wage Budget €0.75m - Current Wage Spend €0.64m


1ST TEAM - We have moved to a full 1st team of Brittany-born players (21) + 1 trained at club

 bre.png.8282ac5924de7553a6eb20dbc5a1c915.png 7 HGC*  D(R) Romain Danzé - D(C) Maxime Le Marchand - D(C) Théophile-Catherine - D(C)/DM(C)  Jérémy Gélin - M(C) Denis-Will Poha - M(C) Nicolas Janvier

 bre.png.8282ac5924de7553a6eb20dbc5a1c915.png 14 : GK Gautier Larsonneur - GK Maxime Dupé - D(RL) Chaker Alhadhur - D(L) Vincent Le Goff -  D(L)  Jerome Mombris - D(C) Romain Thomas - DM(C) Kevin N'Doram - DM(C) Abdoulaye Traoré - M(C) Abdoulaye Dabo - M(C) Veretout - M(C) Yoann Gourcuff -  ST(C) Mickael Le Bihan - ST(C) Gaetan Courtet - ST(C) Pierre-Yves Hamel  - AM(LR), ST(C) Georginio Rutter

fra.png.c1663eb00001d4fdde0b9ef34271e52f.png 1 HGC* :  M(C)  Adrien Hunou

*HGC = Home-Grown at Club


PROMOTED FROM RESERVES/U19 : M/AM(C) Nicolas Janvier - AM(LR), ST(C) Georginio Rutter


                                                                                                                              STAR PLAYER : Jordan Veretout





All-time Net Balance : + €31m





In pre-season, we moved from a 4141 DM wide to a 4132 DM axial given the lack of quality on the wings, a system that was already tested and trained during last season.

                               1516046595_ScreenShot2019-01-31at20_41_13.thumb.png.7949d202d7399a661374b64e55575286.png          2143870895_ScreenShot2019-01-23at09_21_49.thumb.png.ea5cf88ece7fbf784577651fd39c1ac2.png



M(C) Yann Gboho - D(C) Batista Mendy  - M(R) Armand Lauriente

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                                                  AUGUST - SEASON 2019-20


Starting the month with a defeat in a cup, followed by wins in the league, has become a club trademark :lol:  

Made a small tactical adjustment on my 4132 after the Trophée des Champions 1-3 defeat, and it seems I am conceded less goals. Lyon and PSG are here too and the race will be tough. In Champions League, we got Juve, Hannover and Ajax,. The Old Lady is very likely to take 1st place, and the fight for the 2nd will be very open.

                                                                                     1130840330_ScreenShot2019-02-01at08_36_38.thumb.png.1b878a802dc023b2353854b4f6a23e4b.png  1325347063_ScreenShot2019-02-01at08_37_14.thumb.png.253688fc4d637e5bc2281fc399adccf8.png



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In Champions League, try to put your first team against Ajax and Hannover in all matches to assure yourself 2nd place (Unless you have to choose between them and Top 5 Ligue 1 Team). Play your second string against Juventus, sometimes they can surprise you! Just tell them you believe in them...

Time to start laying the foundations of making PSG your B****! 

The extra money from making the Knockout rounds will help, because you also need to consolidate a Top-6 position (preferably Top-Four) in Ligue 1.


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That's the plan in CL, the group will be super tight. Both Ajax and Hannover being well able to take points from everyone.  I will prioritise the domestic cups and the league to finish in EL spots minimum. 

PSG under Arsene Wenger is doing extremely well this season, I don't think my Breton-only team will be a match this season for them.

I have signed pretty much all the best Brittany-born player, excepted Gonzalo Higuain who would never join Rennes anyway :-)   So there are plenty money in the bank, but no players anymore to spend on. We will have now to rely on youth, got 3-4 very promising coming through.

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                                                  SEPTEMBER - SEASON 2019-20


Dropped points in the Ligue against Montpellier as I rotated before Ajax which we could not beat neither. In the derby against Guingamp, I changed tactics and reverted back to last season's to try out a promising 17 years old from the academy on the right wing. This young lad scored 5 in the match and we trashed them 6-0!  He is currently my best scorer in the league.

Against the mustard makers, I could not do better than a draw. Happy so far with how the season is going considering that I am only playing with Breton players.

                                        393903998_ScreenShot2019-02-01at15_15_36.thumb.png.6fcc237c6cb57d4d817daf4c76abafbb.png    696994256_ScreenShot2019-02-01at22_23_25.thumb.png.e6845c7e2978415df560fb59ef99c4e4.png    1361064450_ScreenShot2019-02-01at14_41_47.thumb.png.e443d98f1c634318cbf5d432bd4739a9.png




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Very interesting challange. Can I ask how did you make the filter with all the Breton cities? Did you just go in the editor and check all cities from Bretagne and add them one by one or is there an easier way? I'm asking since I want to start the same kind of challenge with Caen but only with players from Normandie.

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8 hours ago, Rasnaldo said:

Very interesting challange. Can I ask how did you make the filter with all the Breton cities? Did you just go in the editor and check all cities from Bretagne and add them one by one or is there an easier way? I'm asking since I want to start the same kind of challenge with Caen but only with players from Normandie.

I am (or was) doing a very similar challenge and what I did was adding a (Breizh) prefix to every Breton city in pre-game editor. So all I need to do is searching for (Breizh) in Place of Birth.

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On 09/02/2019 at 13:54, Rasnaldo said:

Very interesting challange. Can I ask how did you make the filter with all the Breton cities? Did you just go in the editor and check all cities from Bretagne and add them one by one or is there an easier way? I'm asking since I want to start the same kind of challenge with Caen but only with players from Normandie.

That's what I did... gathered all Breton cities in game ( editor ), and then created and saved a search filter by birth place. It took me a couple of hours max.

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