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Basque Country FM19


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Hi guys. 

Few weeks ago, i saw that in FM18 is possible to play with basque national team. I'm trying to do the same thing with FM19 editor, I've copied all Andorra information (changing values, equipation...), but when i start a game I can't see anything about Basque Country. 

Anybody knows how to play with other national teams? 

This is the post that i say at the beggining

Thank you! 

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hace 4 horas, ClemB dijo:

You can't see the nation ingame or the league?

I don't want a basque league. The goal is play with the national team all the international cups (World cup, Eurocup, FIFA nations league)

Officially, Basque Country is a Region from Spain, but I found Basque Country like a nation on the db. I change almost allthe information (Name, colours, reputation, famous people...) and I save it. But, when i start a new game, I can't found the Basque Country, and when i choose a basque player nothing happens when I click over Basque Country. (for example, when you click over Spain you go to the Spain nation page).

The unique difference that I watch on the db between Basque and Spain nation is that spain has Europe as continent and basque country not (i don't have any option to put it).

These screenshots are from Basque and spain nations page on the db.



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All the countries need a continent, otherwise you wont be able to find them ingame.

You said you replace Andorra so it should have a continent assigned?

Otherwise, you need to edit a xml file to be able to assign a continent to a new country.

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