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FM 2019 - Negative bank balance and high transfer budget

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Hi all

I'm managing Crystal Palace, at the end of the 1st season the board gave me a transfer budget of 65 million EUR.

My bank balance is -6 million EUR.

What will happen if I spend my transfer budget? Will I go bankrupt or will the board take out a new loan to cover the debt (= negative bank balance)? Will I fail FFP rules?

I really need to strengthen my team but I'm afraid this isn't possible due to the low bank balance...

Has anyone some experience with this?

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Maybe you have some transfers going on after a season and you will then receive the money on your bank account but in transfer  budget you can use it now. Or they predict you will have enough money from sponsors to cover that.


When I had money under "0" on bank balance they just decreased income from transfers that will be added to transfer budget to 15% or even 0

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9 hours ago, optimusprimal82 said:

Has your tv and season ticket money come in for the 2nd season yet? That'll be a sizeable chunk so may well be what they've balanced it against - check how much the club got last year for both and may make more sense etc?

The TV money comes in monthly... Last year I got around 110 million EUR. So I think you're right, they've balanced it against that.

Thanks for your help!

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