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Activating English lower league

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1 hour ago, steph61620 said:

Thank you but I was looking for the button you click to activate them yourself in the editor.

There is no such thing, you need to download and use a created version claassen has one that goes down to the "9th" tier although there's prob others if you look on the steam workshop

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2 hours ago, steph61620 said:

There is, its under add nation rules.

Surely does nothing though, because all the leagues are inactive and have no teams playing in them, otherwise they would just be in the game to start with

Just use one thats already been made


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It is possible I’m not entirely sure on the steps but the editors hideaway is the best place to ask for help. The experienced editors will be there and there may already be a thread on it (I would look but am on my phone so it’s tricky) 

the hideaway can be found here 


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