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Positional Attributes


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Morning All

Can anyone give me a run down onthe main attributes required for each position.

Of if there is a thread a link to the thread please.

I have decided it was about time I started to make my own tactics, as I used to in the good old days playing Chgampionship Manager. Of late I have been lazy and just downloaded tactics.

It is about time I learned to create my own and to do this a better understanding of each positions attributes is required.

The positions I use are G,DC,DC,DWBR,DWBL,DM,AMR,AMC,AMC,AML,SC with attacking mentality.

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From Rashidi1's guide:

Goalkeepers - Vital Skills

Positioning, handling, command of area, agility, stamina, jumping, reflex, strength, decisions and aerial ability


Throwing, pace, concentration, composure, bravery and anticipation

Centre backs - Vital Skills

Positioning, jumping, tackling, marking, aggression, strength, bravery and heading

Other Skills

Stamina, anticipation, determination, pace and acceleration


Choose well, easily the best position to exploit in the game. If you can have the best of both worlds then they could be the diff between winning and losing.

They can be both defensively good and offensively awesome. Pace isn't a crucial factor, but if you want them to be good defenders, then positioning and anticipation may have to be introduced as well.


Work rate, stamina, teamwork, decisions, positioning and acceleration

Other Skills

Determination, strength, crossing and dribbling

Defensive Midfielder

Holding players who can help draw out the opposition, they can also play deadly killer balls and work very well with AMC based formations.

Vital Stats

Tackling, strength, aggression, marking, stamina, work rate, teamwork and decisions


Pace, passing, acceleration, determination, concentration, creativity

Attacking Mids

Link players with DMs or with regular MCs. If you place FWR often on them they could drift out of position so never do that. Use their strengths. This can be an interesting area, what's listed are bare essentials,but if they have good dribbling skills they can be very deadly too.So adjust their instructions based on what they have..you can use dribbling for long shots as a trade off.

Vital Stats

Decisions, Creativity, passing, off ball, technique, finishing, work rate


Stamina, teamwork, flair, long shots, pace, acceleration

Wingers - Vital Skills

Crossing, creativity, dribbling, pace, acceleration, tackling, balance, technique, passing


Finishing, long shots, teamwork, work rate, off ball

Forwards - Vital Stats

Creativity, flair, finishing, off ball, dribbling, passing, technique, pace, acceleration


Teamwork, flair, balance, long shots, anticipation, crossing

Strikers - Vital Skill

finishing, off ball, jumping, heading, anticipation, technique


Pace aggression, acceleration, strength, long shots

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