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Unhappy Players and Team Morale

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Hi folks,

So my team has been on good form at the start of the season, team morale is generally superb. I’ve just come off another victory, praised my players and got no negative feedback. With a few of the players, the praise “went to their heads”, but this is no great concern. 

So a couple of days after this victory, I notice the general morale of my team has gone down to okay/good for most players. A significant drop!

Theres two reasons I can think of:

In the previous game I put a player into my team with “poor” morale. He wants to leave the club because he think s I bought another player to replace him(which I didn’t). So I thought I’d try play him more to build his morale. The team morale was high at the end of the previous game. As a final note, this is a young player who is bottom tier on the hierarchy.

The second option is my unhappy vice captain who is also a Team Leader. His morale has generally been lower in the last few months anyway due to a couple of concerns.(steady at really good). So I criticised his training after this match (for the 3rd time in short succession). It didn’t go down well. I then criticised his conduct and he accepted that. His morale dropped to “okay”.

Can a young player have such an impact on the whole team, or is it my team leader vice captain who has dropped the morale of the squad? Unless I’m missing something else?




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