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Creating a club from scratch recruitment help


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Essentially I'm creating a club using the create a club mode from scratch in the Vanarama National League North with 0 players and 0 staff. I've had a go and I'm at a loss as to how to recruit players. At this point I would normally give some I ideas as to what I have/will try, but I have no clue whatsoever.

For some guidance I want to play rugged, direct, physical, typical old English football style.

Any recruitment advice for staff, players (who, how to find them, how to recruit them how many of them, etc.) would be very very welcome


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You will have issues signing players at that level as most will want a weekly wage to join you.  

I have done non-league a couple of times as Canvey but to do a full team from scratch I would do it in a higher league.

There is a tread in here somewhere covering non league teams tactics and good players 

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