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I'm sort of restarting a thread a I had on the FMT18-forum regarding good android devices to play FMT on.

I'm currently in possession of a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 9.7 which was very laggy (both 3D, 2D and in menus) and troublesome when trying to play FMT18. I've still not bought FMT19 since I don't want to experience that level of poor performance again.

Do anyone have experience with android devices that do not lag in FMT19 and if so what device? The new Tab S4?

I would rally like to avoid buying an ipad pro but if thats the only reasonable device I might do it since I'm going away travelling for a few months and need my FM fix.


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It's strange that such a good tablet as the Galaxy S3 had that perfomance with FMT18. I would think jthat it would be one of the best android tablets to play the game.

Until now i play the game in a Ipad Mini 3, and to be hnest without significant issues. With FMT18 the 3D was not very fluid, but nothing too serious.

Anyway, decided to buy a new tablet, manly because i wanted something with a bigger screen. Ipad and Samsung S4 just too expensive, so decided to go with the new Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 plus.

Still waiting fot the tablet to arrive, but i would be surprise if the game didn't run without very fluid. But lets wait and see.

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I've heard this before and I find it odd to say the least. But I bought the Tab S3 specifically to play FMT18 so it was a clean install and still I had these issues to the point where it wasn't possible to enjoy.

The Tab S3 should be much more powerful than the Ipad Mini 3. So strange, maybe I should try a factory reset or something.

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Ciao ragazzi, sapete se potete giocare su Honor view 20 con un tocco da manager di calcio? Avevo un compagno 20 pro e l'ho giocato fino a quando non l'ho venduto. Ho pensato che fosse possibile giocare con il mio Honor View 20 e invece mi ha detto che il mio dispositivo non è compatibile. Mi puoi aiutare? Grazie

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