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(Suggestion) Scouting Assignment Names/Titles


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Throughout each season I create scouting assignments for my scouts.  Since they are all based in a region or country or competition, on the scouting assignments screen I merely see the name of that country or region or competition.  But I set different scouting requirements for different scouts based on their skills or my team needs.  But when I view the scouting assignments screen I don't know which requirements I've assigned to which scouts as all the assignments have this generic place or competition name.  It would be helpful if I could give each assignment a title such as "Goalkeepers under 23" or something like that.

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To expand on both, would like to see some kind of optional timetable for every scout - so you can organize his/their whole season (scouting-plan), if you want to, not just the next assignment. Want to say: go 3 months to X, go 3 months to Y, go 3 months to Z. In this perspective, templates (see: BruceyNTFC) and more details (see: RomaRulez) could be integrated. 

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