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How excited...?

The anticipation for FM '09 is like...  

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  1. 1. The anticipation for FM '09 is like...

    • Having a baby
    • Getting married
    • Going on holiday
    • Christmas
    • A birthday
    • That friday feeing
    • Any other day

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I went to oxford street's HMV, GAME and ZAVVI on my lunch break sniffin round the shelves. I know it isn't out yet, but I just was sooooo excited about it. I am probably gonna go again tomorrow, you know, just in case... I've been whistling the match of the day theme tune all day too

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So many pessimistic kill-joys... People, it's a new FM game! C'mon, if you can't raise a smile for that then perhaps life isn't for you... ;)

Definitely on a par with Christmas, cold beer ready (not too many!), girlfriend on pause for the weekend, roll on the good times... I still get the same feeling that I had when I was a kid. I don't think it will ever leave me. :)

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