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Fitness concerns are unrealistic

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The fitness concerns are a little off.

Certain players get completely jaded by October and then can't play more than two games in a row.

And it's usually the wrong players. In my Milan game the CBs are struggling for fitness but the strikers are not. Usually it's strikers that need to be rotated more than CBs because the former cover a greater distance than the latter. That is especially the case when the striker is a 31 year old Higuain and the CB is a 23 year old Romagnoli.

In the end I'm being forced to rotate my CBs (which is something I don't want to do) yet I can play Higuain in every game!

I'm sure it's something that could be patched.

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I haven't run into this issue, though I've only just qualified to continental and Germany in general is a bit less busy.

I've heard that training that causes "fatigue" during preseason (i.e. the physical stuff) can actually help reduce this.

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