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[Suggestion] Real records for manager

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In the same way that the players have the real records of his matches and goals in the history, I believe that the managers (first team) could have his real records. In the NP history as manager, fields could be created for the number of matches on the bench and also for the number of wins, draws and losses. Obvious, only for domestic leagues.

It's a problem that the history of the managers isn't year by year like the players. It's the most important job among the staffs, maybe it should be that way. This feature would be important to evaluate the performance of his career, to make comparatives and would avoid that every real manager at the beginning of the game from being a "beginner" without a real story.

Perhaps, another interesting feature to add would be a "first game on the bench" (such as "senior debut" or "first senior goal")

Yes, I know, this would be a laborious job to apply in the entire database, but ... the benefits would be positive.

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