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Wingerless Tactics?

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Are wingerless tactics essentially useless this time round?

I would appreciate any tips/hints on how I could improve my wingerless tactics.

I used to like to set my base of three cb's and two wbs.

I then used to experiment with the rest of the formation (i.e. DM, CM or ST)


2 ST's, 1 AMC, 2 MC


1 ST, 2 AMC, 2 MC


1 DM, 2MC, 1 AMC, 1 ST


3 MC, 2 ST


I am not sure if I am preferring a normal back for with 2 DM's this time round....

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interesting, you are of course man utd. Could you play a couple of games with it and let us know how it goes?

My longest streak so far in 2009 is not losing in 4, and winning two of them (1-1, 4-0, 0-0 and 5-1)

If that was for me ive made a thread called My Man Utd Tactic, unbeaten in 13.

There are screenies in there but not sure how 2 upload the tactic.

Ive played more games since then though and only lost 2. Against liverpool in league cup and 1-0 to everton in the league (offside). Had some high scored though. Check it out :)

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I'd have to disagree with people saying 3 MC's doesn't work... On all my demo saves I've played the following:

GK, a flat 4-man back line, 3 MCs (middle one actings very defensively), 1 AMC, 2 strikers.

This has worked really well, but obviously depends on your team and players.

Eg, managed to be top of EPL with Man City at the end of demo(not that difficult with £100m budget but still), 3rd in La Liga with Villareal and Valencia, good mid-table position with Souchaux in Ligue 1.

I have noticed that my outer MCs seems to get a bit tired, but just get MCs with good Stamina/Natural Fitness, or make some substitutions. IRL, you'll often find that MCs are the players that covers the greatest distance anyhow :)

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dankrzyz, to some extent.

It is still far too easy to concede with no wingers and your attack can struggle finding space, however it has been improved massively.

That being said, you should still be able to create a successful tactic with no wingers

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