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[Suggestion] Improving National Teams

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1. Dynamic & group

2. Parternship in starting 11

3. Effects of World Cup

4. Supporters, Media & Board

(5. Legends, Icons, Top 11 & records)


We all know that National managing needs an huge revamp at least to have the same options we have in club (like training and staff): Football Manager 2022 will go out with the next World Cup so it will be amazing to have a great improve for that edition.


1. Dynamic & Group

Dynamic here will be important mostly to 'drive' the Manager's team selection. So the most important player can push the Manager to call their teammates (if similar level) or veto a controversial player.

With the help of group section you will can select a bunch of player of the same team to have a better cohesion (like have all defenders from the same team for example)


2. Parternship in starting 11

Parternship link in National Team are harder to create, but you could use the ones exististing in the club.


3. Effects of World Cup

World Cup should be the most important competition in game. Now it shared the crown with Champions League, but I think that WC should be the alone king by far.
Messi and CR7 would change for sure all their CL for a World Cup. 

So, the season before this great events would affects players depending their personality: for example, a player who isn't regular in his club could want find a new team to play more and gain a call for the World Cup. Other players could refuse to get injection or play out of form for club to avoid injuries for the World Cup.


4. Supporters, Media & Board

Some National Team should have a playing identity so if you manage Brazil, you cannot use a defensive style and even if you win, many will contest you (see the 'european' Brazil the win World Cup in 1994). While in team like Italy, win would more important than the syle of playing so if you attacking tactics brings poor results, media & supporter will push you to play more cautious.

About the selection: the most of supporter will often ask you for their beloved players, while the media push for the who performed better.


(5. Legends, Icons, Top11 and records)

That's very important for me. Maybe this point affects the game-core very little, but it has (at least for me) an huge impact on the enviroment, on the atmosphere. 

But, well, i will make another post 'cause 1) it will be long 2) it will be for both national and clubs.

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