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International Teams: Why Can't I choose My Own Squad?

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Either I'm missing something in the settings or doing something wrong with choosing my own players for the International squad. It doesn't matter if I ignore the message from Assistant just before the squad selection date regarding his recommended squad for the upcoming International break. Unless I manually remove/add players, I prefer to leave players on the team from one break to the next. But when it comes time for the International Squad announcement date, all of my assistants picks are chosen to the team and then I get a bunch of angry players asking why they weren't chosen when they were on the team previously. 

    The Head Coach isn't listed in the drop down menu for auto-pick team selection. What am I missing here? I also doing double duty as a club couch if that matters.



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That dropdown menu you are highlighting is when you use "quick pick" option. Whoever you pick in that dropdown menu will then automatically pick the squad whenever you click on quick pick, I believe. 


But you should be able to pick your own squad when the announcement is due. 

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