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OTF Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2018

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Question 1: For some reason, there were several threads started in March all with the title "X are such graceful creatures", with X being replaced by a thing. For a point each, can you name the four things that these threads were started about? (One point for each)

I am about to upset the 11 of you who said "Dogs"...





We were looking for *Puppies*, Men, Women and Thieves! Not Dogs, not Cheeses (@Mr_Demus), and certainly not Gizzys (@georginho_juventusygr and @Ackter)

The following peoples are off to a flying March start:

3 points: @Sons FC, @Deisler26, @DB08

2 points: @sebsy, @Scott1892, @Semi Skilled Milk

1 point: @Confused Clarity, @Bliss Seeker, @The_jagster, @Mr_Demus, @dafuge

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Top Posters In This Topic

Question 2: Why, in March, did kingjericho suggest that Amazon Alexa could be the AI entity that will doom all mankind?

I have an Alexa. It's great but, like kingjericho, I do very much think that Big Brother is watching me... or listening to me. But what was it doing in March that was particularly freaky??

On 07/03/2018 at 17:56, AJJ said:
On 08/03/2018 at 11:26, kingjericho said:

Amazon Alexa is either the name of the AI entity that will doom all of mankind, or the name of some B list porn star.

It was laughing at users for no apparent reason! 

A couple of you made reference to Skynet, which was a little too vague for me - AND THAT IS MY FINAL DECISION EARTHLINGS.

1 point to the following humanoids: @Confused Clarity, @sebsy, @Semi Skilled Milk, @grff, @Bliss Seeker, @Ackter

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Question 3: What did Bliss Seeker lose in March, only for Google to find it for him? One point for the name of the item, another point for what Bliss Seeker calls the item

Effectively this is one point for working out the lost item, and one point for understanding how Bliss' warped brain works in terms of naming inanimate objects.

On 09/03/2018 at 14:05, Bliss Seeker said:

Haha! Thank you Google! 



I'm coming Fadelma! 

Google helpfully located his car! Which is called Fadelma! It's a Mazda by the way, perhaps explaining the effeminate name. It was not, @toon_84, Greg the Buttplug....

Dude, where's my points? Here they are!

2 points: @Bliss Seeker

1 point: @Confused Clarity, @sebsy, @Scott1892, @Semi Skilled Milk, @Sons FC, @grff, @DB08, @Pukey, @dafuge

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Question 4: What crazy video did somebody post on OTF in March that Klimowicz described as "snow joke"?

Surprised more of you didn't get this. Possibly the craziest video of 2018, and definitely snow joke - even though it does look somewhat comical. Like a badly designed ride on the game Theme Park.

On 16/03/2018 at 23:43, Klimowicz said:

Crazy stuff, where's the failsafe? Incredibly, 10 people suffered minor injuries and that's it. How terrified was the person who saw their mates jump but were too scared and just braced for impact? :eek: 

Well done to @Confused Clarity, @sebsy and @Deisler26 who clung on for a point here.

@toon_84 with a second consecutive funnies award, going for "Maradona sneezing".

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Question 5: What did Paul Bacon and over one million other people receive at the same time in March?

Over to you, Razor!

Well done to @Confused Clarity, @The_jagster, @toon_84, @bestbrother, @georginho_juventusygr for correctly concluding that dear old Paul and over 1 million of his NHS colleagues got themselves a payrise in March!

When @sebsy actually gets a question wrong, he really gets it wrong. A bit of a stretch to think that a million people got herpes in March.

Edited by Wigmore
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Question 6: What happened in the celebrity world in March that bestbrother characterised as "the day the dream died"?

Firstly, who the **** is Emily Ratajkowski? Never heard of her, but judging by the answers it seems that a lot of you are rather in love with her.

On 19/03/2018 at 11:29, bestbrother said:

The biggest dynasty in British television history has survived various bumps and knocks along its way.... however is this sideswipe too much for them to recover from?


17 straight NTAs, a record never to be broken not even by themselves.....

It was the rather upsetting news that Ant McPartlin got caught drink driving - which is still having a knock-on effect to this day, with my guilty pleasure Holly Willobooby doing the jungle.

Other than @bdcuk (who by the way got minus 5 in March for some truly disgusting content), we have our first lost point of the quiz, with @bestbrother failing to get his own question right! Whoopsy!

@Confused Clarity@Scott1892 and @Deisler26 sobered up enough to get this one right, however.

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Question 7: In March, many OTFers hurled abuse at a man called Darren who works for Cheshire Council. Why?

What has Darren been up to that his been getting everyone in a bit of a spin? Well, this...


He, for some reason, decided that a huge pothole did not need filling in. If my little Ford Ka went into that, I'm not sure it'd ever be seen again. Poor show, Darren!

Clearly, this still rankles with a lot of you - with the majority of you getting this one right. This makes it far easier to simply call out who got it wrong.

@Bliss Seeker (drawing around a huge rock), @The Rebel MC (he was the actual Superman), @bestbrother (refusing to collect dustbins), @bdcuk (filth), @DB08 and @Mr_Demus (no answer) were the only ones to miss out on easy pickings here.

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Question 8: March was a pretty heavy month for celebrity deaths. Can you name the 5 death threads from March, for a point each?

More death in this most wonderful time of the year - it really takes the edge off, doesn't it. Anyway, these poor souls were taken from us in March.

Sir Roger Bannister

David Ogden Stiers

Sir Ken Dodd

Stephen Hawking

Jim Bowen

See below those who are keeping well up to date with the obituaries column:

4 points: @mark1985, @Confused Clarity

3 points: @sebsy, @Scott1892, @The Rebel MC

2 points: @Semi Skilled Milk, @Sons FC, @The_jagster, @DB08, @Mr_Demus, @Pukey, @ham_aka_stam, @Ackter

1 point: @grff, @Bliss Seeker, @toon_84, @bestbrother

Edited by Wigmore
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Question 9: Directly after one of these deaths, what update did Neil Brock make to the forum?

If you remembered about Bowen, the chances are you won't have forgotten about this super awesome forum update.

On 15/03/2018 at 14:49, Neil Brock said:

Also in honour of the great man, a new emoticon. 


It's the Jim Bowen emoji! I even used it in the very first post of this quiz! What a spoiler!

@Scott1892, @Semi Skilled Milk, @grff, @Bliss Seeker, @The_jagster, @mark1985, @ham_aka_stam, @toon_84, @bestbrother all win Bully's special prize.

@Confused Clarity, @sebsy, @Pukey, @The Rebel MC only get their BFH for correctly identifying that Bowen died in Q8 and then failing to get this one.

@DB08 is banned from all future Bullseye recordings for his unusual suggestion of "Neil Brock is dead".

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Question 10: If given1legend was on death row, what would be his last meal, and for a bonus point, why?

It's 7-3 to The Rocket and we're almost done with the March answers, what a night!

given1legend is a clever man.... if you could think clever on this one, there's a chance you could be in the points.

On 21/03/2018 at 17:09, given1legend said:

An all you can eat Indian Buffet. I'd constantly claim that I hadn't finished.

He'd have an all you can eat Indian buffet, because he could constantly claim that he hadn't finished! Genius, huh? Me personally, I'd just have a KFC and say goodbye to this cruel world.

Earning a reprieve and some points are the following:

2 points: @sebsy, @grff, @Mr_Demus

1 point: @Confused Clarity, @Pukey

Firmly on death row is @Bliss Seeker, with his cute but ultimately a bit weird offering of "fish and chips, because it reminds him of his nan".

That's March over and done with... your leaderboard is incoming after I've done a few sums!

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3 minutes ago, mark1985 said:

Where's my points? This was my answer to number 8! Shambles!

Please forgive me honey... your points are in the books but I missed you off the post :'(

Corrected now!

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Here is the overall leaderboard after Round 3!


Due to the aforementioned gr8 round, @Confused Clarity slips into a two point lead over defending champ @sebsy. @Scott1892 is not far behind at all, with @ham_aka_stam dropping off a little after an uncharacteristic low score for this round.

April questions incoming!

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April is here! We're edging closer to Christmas and rattling through this biggest of fattest quiz, all the way to Easter now. May your chosen spiritual leader guide you to the correct answers with the following 10 mind-bending questions:

Round 4 - APRIL

1. What, specifically, was the "Easter surprise from China" that had OTF a little worried in early April?

2. What news story in April did @toon_84 say he's ok with as long as he doesn't "end up with some kind of pauper disease when I go and get a slice of quiche"?

3. What TV advert was @Baptista_8 complaining about when he said "shut the **** up!"?

4. Who did @Bliss Seeker declare that, in April, would be going to the HOLE IN THE GROUND?

5. What did we get in April that caused a 4 year old thread to be bumped again?

6. What changed its name in April that lead @HawkAussie to question if it was an April Fools prank? For a bonus point, what is the exact new name of this thing?

7. A thread titled "RIP Geoffrey" was started in April, which lead several people to wonder if Mr Boycott had died. What was the thread actually about?

8. Can you name the title of the OTF thread in April that contained the following posts: "Hi John, how are you?", "That's a smashing blouse", "How about that local sports team?", "Politics hey? Bloody hell".

9. A woman gave birth in April, sparking a 2 page thread on OTF. Why was it significant?

10. @Bliss Seeker started a truly enthralling thread in April, asking people to type "I wanna grab your" on their phone and then finishing the sentence with the next phone suggested word. Can you name 5 words that came up? One point for each, 5 guesses only!


Your April deadline is 8pm on Tuesday 11 December, so get answering!!

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15 hours ago, Wigmore said:

Question 5: What did Paul Bacon and over one million other people receive at the same time in March?

When @sebsy actually gets a question wrong, he really gets it wrong. A bit of a stretch to think that a million people got herpes in March.

Tbf, my answer was more a logical guess based on the user in question.

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Great news everyone, I am playing snooker tonight!

As a result, the results may be a little later than 8pm, so I'm moving the deadline to 9pm tonight! The results will follow just as soon as I've finished playing with my balls.

@Semi Skilled Milk

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