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AP and DLP Together

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Yes, it is possible :thup:.

Not really sure what else to say...they need the right system around them of course, but that's true of any combination of player roles and tactical set up.  So the DLP sitting back looking to ping passes around, the AP typically getting into more advanced dangerous areas to thread that killer through ball.

So perhaps a formation inspired by Barcelona when Iniesta/Xavi were running the show.  Or a different formation from Dortmund with Gotze/Gundogan.  Or Man City with any combination of Silva/De Bruyne/Gundogan/all their other CMs.

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In a Leeds save I use 4141 with ap a and dlp d in the cm positions. The different duties put more space between the two than 1 on support but that only really becomes obvious in 2nd or 3rd attacking phases as the whole team moves forwards into its attacking shape. I started with ap a and dlp s with a bwm in dm strata but found the two cms default to ping~pong between eachother due to their passing/general quality limitations. As my save progressed and players get better they play more as i hoped.the ap a fills the #10 space more often. And my dlp d is always open to recieve the ball. Think about the players herne mentioned and how the best ap and dlp of history could play together. Ive still not experimented with an ap in a wide position but the distance that would create between the two would help avoid the ping~pong too i expect?

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11 hours ago, Zeonflux said:

im wondering if it’s possible to play an AP and DLP together in the same team

In the same team absolutely. As previous posters said, they can even play in the same line (central midfield in this case). I personally haven't used both DLP and AP in the same line, but I like to use them in systems such as 4231 or 4141dm wide, where DLP plays in MCR position whereas APM is AML for example (or vice versa), so each tends to control different areas of the pitch and phases of play. Provided of course that I have suitable players for both roles.

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