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How to Analyze you Wins/Losses?

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Hey all,

I'm new to the game and trying to learn about tactics and one thing I haven't figured out is how to understand how well or poorly a tactic is working outside of the score, shots and possession. There is a TON of data available but I feel like I'm ill-equipped to look at it and make sense of what it means about my tactic and how I can counter the issues I see or dare I say exploit holes in the opposition. 

Are there any videos/guides available that talk about match analysis that I can learn from?



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There are a few out there in YooToob world, Rashidi (Bust The Net) has a bunch of useful videos as do others.  I used Fox in the Box for a lot of stuff on FM18 as well.

YouTube for Football Manager Prozone, or Analysis and you will get some. Don;t worry too much with the version, I don;t think Analysis tools have changed much recently.

Best advice from me, is to just look at one thing at a time - it can be overwhelming if you try and see the 'big picture' all the time. Concentrate on one area, whether it be your midfield, or your wing play. Individual players - are they passing where you want them to? Are they positioned where you want them to?

Small bites will eventually get the cake eaten, eating it whole will make you ill.

Now, did mention cake? Must be lunchtime  :hammer:

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On the ball: who is creating space for your goalscorer, is anyone creating space for the goalscorer, see the shots off target (what do they tell you), where do strikers and important players recieve passes, do they have passing options.


Off the ball: what are your formation's weaknesses, where are you giving up space, are you getting counterrd easily, why did you concede goal (tactical mistake, individual shortcoming), are players getting behind you easily (lower the d line), are you giving the opposition too much time on the ball (raise the d line).

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I look at it in a very basic approach which helps for me. 
Let's say I have my right fullback on attack in a 4-4-2.

What do I look for in game? Is my rightback moving more up the field then my leftback? If yes, he is doing what I told him to do. Closed case. If not, then I need to understand why not. Is it the role FB-Attack or is it the right midfielder that let's say need to cut inside so he makes space for the fullback. 

Long story short, I tend not to overthink to much. 

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Im doing a man city save at the moment and having been a long time game player id got into certain mindsets....not to use certain positions in combination, not to use certain conflicting instructions etc.


Cleon and that Rashid write good guides but honestly i just though **** this crap.


I just watched the games and didnt bother with the data.


Left me with a weird looking formation, roles, and instructions that should conflict but it works and we are winning comfortably.


Its not to downplay advice and the stuff people write but i think just watching the games and making sure players are doing whats required is best.


Even if that means changing to a slightly outside the box role or instructions.


Im not the best person with detailed advice i appreciate that but a funky looking formation and roles can be good if your players are doing what you want in games.



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