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A Story for the ages


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First, this is my first attempt at a thread on this forum and as I get bored easily it may not last, so this is a way for me to try and keep me focused. Also it will be very narrative driven, inspired by the thread A Jewel From Edena by @King Cactus (hope you don't mind the mention). Anyway enough rambling on with the story, a journeyman based upon one mans desire to recreate the great teams of the Sir Alex Ferguson era.


Entry One:

I've been called obssesive, addicted, dedicated, all the words to do with this. I've also been called several less nice things, but they don't matter, then again I don't think my mental state matters but who am I to judge. Anyway where to start? I am Luke Rose, as mancunian as they come. 27 Years old with a chequred childhood and time spent on the streets, I've only ever had one dream. Wait thats just my impassioned plee for help

I have always wanted to be involved in football. I had been in the Manchester Uited academy since I was 11, but at 18 I was tossed aside, a worthless Target Man. At the end of that season it will have been ten years ago. But today, I start a new job, a new chapter. I have been doing my coaching badges, working with youth teams throughout manchester, some proffessional, some amateur whle studying my coaching badges. Then there was an oppertunity, one that couldn't be missed. A chance to begin my career and mabye take my mind off this coathanger I'm spinning.

P.S: This is one out of three in short succession (I really should've made the forum, then started the career).



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Entry Two:

I don't know how. I don't know why. I have wormed my way to the english 6th tier. It appears someone at the club had a reference for me, I was expecting to start as a coach. I spent the entire interview shaking my bollocks off with anxiety, and I thought I fluffed it. I ran home and cried, sure I'd blown my last chance. But my girlfirend, god knows how I have one, interuppted my meltdown. She told me I had to put my best 'I definatly did not have a meltdown just now'face and head to Hurst Cross. When I got there, the chairman told me two things:

1) You left your (girlfriends) car and keys here

2) £240 per week for one year, take it or leave it

My heart lept. I guess my necessent rambling about how I was going to play and how I aimed to match the achivements of my idol, Sir Alex Ferguson, had done it. I took the job in a heartbeat and drove home giddy. I spent the next two days frantically hunting videos of Ashton's promotion season and other teams in this division and on the 25th June, met the squad and media. And I realised there was work to do. I had been told to survive, thats it. I told the squad that and they looked terrified. I though I had overestimated my ability, but didn't back down. I'm proud of that. Anyway I introduced them to my system and immediatly got to offering some trials. If we were going to play my 442, we needed bodies, especially up front and down the right flank. We've already got two, Simon Kirby is a 16 year old RB and Christopher M'Bougnou (Chris), a 26 year old french CB. And I've aranged more friendlies, some to simply get money through the door.

(This is 2/3)

Edit: so while writing the post I accidentally deleted it and since I don’t really want to spend another’s half an hour on that it won’t be comming unfortunately, especially as it was a 5-4 defeat to Barnsley

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