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Could SI have done a bit better?

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I really feel like I have been let down in the forthcoming title of FM09 (DEMO). I have always been a fan of every FM title and felt that the game was getting better and better with each release, drastically. However, on this occasion I believe the changes and additions made are not as good.

The 3D match engine is a great idea and was done quite well but I feel that SI spent more time on the 3D match engine rather than concentrating on the small things that make all the difference. I think the control of how your team performs is great but small things like telling your wingers to cut in on an attack will be a great addition. (I am aware that you can tell your side to play a narrower tactic, but what if I wanted to play more of a wide tactic with my wingers cutting in?)

Scouting system is practically the same and like in 08 isn’t so great when trying to sign a youngster as they always tend to compare him to the best player on the team? Now who said to go and compare him to Berbatov? Give me the option to tell the scout why I am scouting the little son of a donkey before he goes and points out that he isn’t as good our current striker.

Player STATS in 08 was something I had always been happy with until I started managing in the Premiership. It’s like the Premiership players aren’t concentrated on as much as the Spanish or Italians, even though it is the hardest of all. I feel that is again a let down in 09.

Monthly Training Report could be made better, I felt that SI added this just for the fun of it in 08 and feel that it could and should have more information on the topic. Having the coaches give more information on players rather than just saying these three players did well. At least have them tell you what your players think of the training work load, what coaches think certain players should focus on more and etc.

I feel that SI focused too much on the 3D engine and not on the small things that make the big difference.

(I love FM and that is the reason why I am starting this thread so don’t post if you’re just going to defend SI and be a bum chum, this is for people to reflect upon and reply to with other good pointers)

My question to you is;

do you think SI concentrated a bit too much on the 3D match engine before perfecting other important things, and why?

(Please answer the question before driving the topic of the thread in another direction)

Thank you.

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