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Training set up

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Just curious to how people are setting up their training for those who aren't leaving it to assistant.

Are you doing it based on tactics or general stat development. 

I've been leaving it to assistant and slowly taking over but finding myself very rarely out of the technical section other than for set pieces pre season and rest days. 


As a further questions which is better rest or recovery? 

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19 hours ago, wardog said:

As a further questions which is better rest or recovery? 

They don't do the same thing.



Injury Risk Greatly Reduced

Condition Slightly Reduced

Fatigue Reduced

Sharpness Slightly Reduced

Happiness Slightly Increased



Condition Increased

Fatigue Greatly Reduced

Sharpness Greatly Reduced

Happiness Slightly Increased

Team Cohesion Slightly Reduced


You use Recovery to reduce Injury Risk, but need rest to get Condition up.


Recovery requires a Rest session to counter the Condition loss. Then you need more rest to counter condition lost due to playing in the match, but as rest reduces Sharpness, you want to use as few as possible rest slots.


Take a random training session:

Team Bonding

Attributes Teamwork (Skill training)

Upcoming Match Teamwork (Small skill buff or maybe the possible negative effects that can reduce skills doesn't apply)

Condition Slightly Reduced (The energy skill, that allow the players to run around on the pitch)

Fatigue Slightly Reduces (Evil mostly hidden stat, you can have high condition, but high fatigue will make the player perform badly)

Happiness Greatly Increased (Winning matches seems to get a ton of happiness, so this is something you might focus due to loosing streaks.)

Team Cohesion Increased (This is the skill that make players into a better team)


Some of the other types effect each unit of players differently.


Sharpness seems to come with a buffer, so you can throw some rest sessions at a player without them going below 100 match sharpness.


So we need to raise condition as high as we can.

We need to avoid loosing Sharpness/reduce the loss on players that didn't play.

We need to reduce fatigue, but we can't spam enough fatigue reducing sessions without negative effect, so we must use rotation to handle some of it.

We need some skill training, so our players develop.

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It depends on your squad as well, and how you use your players. I rotate a lot and have on average a squad with high stamina, so I schedule a lot less rest than the ass manager recommend. 

I adjust what the ass manager recomands for that week. If he recomands a technical attack week, I will focus on that for that week, but just add more training sessions focused on what my team is complaining about (quickness training mainly) and with core parts of my tactic. 

A week with games on Sundays looks something like this.

Mon: recovery, rest, team bonding (I sometimes drop the rest for something low intensive if it was a home game as they had rest after the match). 

Tue: 3 train sessions often with quickness as first block

Wed: 3 train session

Thurs: 2 train sessions with rest

Friday: 3 Train session, but often with some match preparation training. 

Sat: 1 train session, rest, match preview

Sunday: rest/travel and match. 

For 2 games in a week my training often takes a large hit, but still use much less rest. I would often drop team bonding. And still try to add 1 low intensity train session after match days if possible (so it's like recovery, rest, train session).

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