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[FM17] Scouting - Conditions Dropdown List


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I am trying to edit the dropdown list of search conditions which you can filter players by on the Scouting screen under the 'All Known Players' page, 'Scouted' page, 'Player Shortlist' page and 'Recent Page'. It seems that purchasing the in-game editor has enabled some additional conditions which I do not want visible in my saved game.


I have attached two screenshots, one from a save where the IGE has been disabled (and therefore the conditions are not present) and one where the IGE is enabled and the two additional conditions are visible. These two conditions are listed as 'FM In-Game Editor' and 'Hidden'. Both allow you to filter players by CA, PA etc.


I have spent a long time playing around in the panels.fmf files to try and find where to edit this, but I'm stumped. An alternative edit would be to find out how to disable all of the 'hidden' filters etc which are enabled when the IGE is purchased.


Any feedback very welcome, though @michaeltmurrayuk 's view particularly appreciated!



Quick search conditions 1.png

Quick search conditions 2.png

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that screen should be controlled by the person search player views xml file found in the panels/person folder extracted from the panels fmf file. You should be able to just delete the Hidden attributes view or remove the items you don't want showing, though doesn't look like you can remove the IGE view, that might be controlled by the IGE files (and I don't have access to that version of the IGE).

If you want to remove them all then you're best bet would be to disable the use of the IGE in your save game - though I think that needs to be set at the start of the game.

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