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I get very bored of having to answer why I've selected my 3rd choice as captain, considering irl he is third choice but the most common starter of my leaders.

Could we not have a bit more depth, not a lot, just something like Club captain, Captain, and Vice captain or something of the like, I believe most teams have more than 2, And I know we have used at least 4 this season so far. I don't mind the press stuff, but this is the question that irks me the most, as as I say my 3rd choice in the only real first teamer for me, and I get asked this question every 2 or 3 matches. Don't want to change press stuff, well I do but that is for another day.


And my + question After mr. brocks review, locking and moving lots of suggestions, does that mean the ones remaining now buried pages back are doomed:)?

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