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FM 19 Sir Alex Ferguson 442 Fast, Direct, Plug n Play

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Game too hard?  Wondering why you are not scoring with Manchester United, or dominating games but only one goal and then draw or lose?  Try this plug and play 4-4-2 tactic, emphasis on fast direct attacking football with wing play, and a classic Scholes/Keane midfield combo.  I haven't had time to try it with lower league clubs because I will do a journeyman save after the winter transfer update, but I have used this same tactic for previous FM's as I just import or re-create it every year.  I have posted this tactic before, I forgot FM 15 or 16, it had great success as I took FC United from the lowest playable tier to the top.


This year, I found the game to be even easier because before I could not use this tactic for tough away games, I had to use a 41221 or I'd get overrun.  But I have discovered that for FM19 I can use this tactic even away against tough opposition.  Now the chances of winning will be a little lower as expected especially against world class opposition, and you may need to switch around with a second tactic, but at home this will win you games for sure.


It's actually a very simple, but effective tactic.  I forgot what 'base' I used to recreate this, most people use tiki taka or gegenpress but I think i just made it from scratch.  It's a short passing 442 but the way I set up the wingers and midfield playmaker, can also be very direct and hit teams on the counter.  


First save (pre 19.1, the last beta version), first season transfer window disabled.  In the winter I sold off alot of 1st teamers like Jones, Smalling, Valencia, Young, Sanchez, Mata, Lingard, and replaced them with kids, Tuanzebe, Ro-Shaun, O'Connor, Gomes, Chong.  Walked the league and beat Juventus in the CL final on pens.

Now I started a new save last night, took over Mourinho in October, no preseason no tactic familiarity, just plug and play.  No coaching license and sunday league footballer for the hardest difficulty.


Took over after Arsenal game and started off well with a comfortable win against the saints then a hard fought draw at the bernabeu, then lost to Huddersfield in the cup and I lost my rag, screamed at the players and they bounced back to dismantle Spurs, then toyed with Madrid, and then I knew this tactic was ready.


DOWNLOADSky 442.fmf


GK - Standard, play your best keeper here.  I've used Romero in cup games and then Dean Henderson as a backup

DR - Valencia and Dalot good enough for first season, Dalot takes over with Young backup, O'Connor breaks through. Lindelof can do a job.

DL - Shaw, Young as backup, Rojo can do a job. Will probably need to sign a young lb to develop.

DC - All the original crew can do a job but eventually can be replaced.  I'd keep Bailly and Rojo and sell Smalling/Jones.  Promote and develop Tuanzebe/Ro-Shaun

Wingers - Both traditional pacy crossing wingers, and wide playmakers can do a job.  That means Mata, Lingard, Pereira, Sanchez.  Chong and Gribbin can break through.  Rashford and Martial can do a job on the left but I'm alawys like ehhh i'd rather play em upfront.  I use what I have but Passing and Vision is important here.

BWM - Matic, Herrera, Fellaini, Fred.  Ethan Hamilton can break through and do a job, as does McTominay. Plenty of options here. Anticipation, Positioning, Tackling

RPM - The playmaker (Scholes), should be Pogba most of the time but Pereira and Gomes can do a job, as can Mata and Herrera and even Fellaini. Passing, Vision, Off the Ball, Long Shots

DLF - Second striker, could be any striker or a trequarista like Angel Gomes, Sanchez, Mata, any attacking minded mid.

AF - The best striker goal scorer you got, Lukaku scores for fun here as does Martial.


I don't really look as stats as much when filling the positions, but hopefully you can get an idea of what players to get.  This tactic is not that dependent on stats but more on high morale, young hungry players and good team management.  Here's what i did when I started the new save:

  • Hire an assman with decent stats, namely judging ability and potential, motivating, tactical knowledge, etc.  I chose van Nistelrooy.
  • Fill up the coaches so each area has at least four stars and duty is light, or medium
  • Staff responsibilities, delegate training to coach (mckenna), tunnel interviews to RvN, player scouting to my chief scout, etc.
  • For team talks I'm actually very similar to someone who posted it in detail here, i think it was fuss.. basically be very hard on your players and always choose I'm not pleased if the result is draw or losing by HT.  The only difference is he uses aggressive a lot while I save the hairdryers for really poor performances.  Always be hard on your players if they are below 7.0 rating then say your not happy.
  • Use Shouts!  If you go down a goal or not doing well, Demand More.  If you score 3 goals in the first half like I did against Madrid, use Push Forward!  Go for the kill while they are still reeling from the blow!  Don't let your players fall back and be complacent.  I will only use Praise in the last 10 minutes or so, so everyone goes home happy.
  • I did not configure set pieces, still scores goals from corners
  • I do not set up Opposition Instructions (OI), if an opposition player is doing particular well, target him.  Use your own judgment.
  • This tactic was only tested on Man United stock squad in the first season and then second season with expensive signings, same results.  I will no longer spend on big names.
  • Team morale is important.  A draw or defeat is devastating even if you think it's only a blip in the season, the next game could define and make or break the rest of your season.  Make sure you are super harsh and ride your players all the way to a win.  Make sure the morale column is all green arrows, then your players will perform for you.
  • Praise the players if they do really well, fine them if they go below 6.3, praise them for training well, warning for second yellow and fine for strait red
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2 hours ago, huehue21 said:

works for underdog teams?

yes it should, not extensively tested this year but i would recommend keeping a 41221 as second tactic for away games vs 4231 if you are underdog, as sometimes midfield gets overrun.  This tactic is strong against 41221 however, and against another 442 it could be a potential shootout.

48 minutes ago, MegaAlbin_88 said:

it works very good at home, but away you get hit with the long ball over the defence line and they score! got any tips? maybe lover the line one step down, will test a little :D

hmm it should be plug n play for man united, the only issue ive had is late goals from the AI, this year they actually try very hard for an equaliser or late goal.  When you are in the lead or are taking a bit of pressure, you can try dropping d-line and use OI to target the most dangerous player.  I've used this to beat the likes of Chelsea and Liverpool away, and if you are not using man united, make sure CBs have decent pace, anticipation, positioning, etc.

44 minutes ago, joecraig1 said:

What skin is that?

Neub 1.1


@Lenzar haha good one, i do miss those glory days.

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