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Best attacking role from midfield.

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The only "best" is whatever's best for the system you're creating.  It's pointless using a CM(A) for example if your system is crying out for a Mezzala, or an SV(A), or a B2B, or an AP(A) or whatever.  Likewise don't use a Mezzala if you actually need a CM(A), or AP(A) or - you get the picture ;).

The same theory applies to any position, not just central midfield.

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Depends on the setup, of course, but if we assume the setup is to some extent built around this player... 

In terms of maximum goal/assist output id say Mez-a... It comes with the risky passing of a creator and dynamic runs forward to be a scorer... And the nature of the rum being more curved or wider than a cm-a sees the mez get closer to fullbacks or wingers as well as the central players... So naturally more involvement and opportunities. 

For more all round impact i love cm/bbm-s they progress in very good rythm as an attack builds and whilst making themselves available for passing triangles... When the time is right they will get in the box. You can always go for more creativity or goals using PI or players with good ppm. 

That said, if im going for any sort of possession tactic and constant domination attack after attack...the first role on the teamsheet is a dlp-s. Wont score or assist, but just keeps the ball moving so you move from defence to attack at ease time and time again.

The question was about cm strata i believe... But in the perfect setup (requires more thought and a very good player) sv-a is another perfect role

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