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New FM 19.1.3 update out with good news for editors

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Changelist 19.1.3

- Number of stability fixes with the game
- Fixed rare issue where user could get stuck when processing
- Enabled ability to have the FM18 Editor and FM19 Editor open at the same time
- Removal of unexplained error messages appearing when loading data into FM19 Editor
- Fixed rare issue where conversation string wasn't available when trying to offer playing improved wages to stay at club
- In Greece clubs now retain their points after the league split (new games only)
- Improve fixture congestion for Norwegian clubs (new games only)
- Users should no longer be prevented from posting highlights to YouTube
- Danish Second Division clubs now start game in DB set Groups (new games only)

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7 minutes ago, KUBI said:

I can confirm that the editor update is installed now, when you restart steam.

just tested as well. i see that it works much better now.


I wonder why they can't release it like this since the begining :P

Edited by mentese
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Where is the data in the position column??? One tip to work round this was to add a column for preferred position but I can't add columns to my views. Also when editing a player the position doesn't appear in the Player Data - Positions field.

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On 13/11/2018 at 23:20, rschprs said:

you can even have the 19 editor open twice if you make a copy of the editor.exe file and rename it to something else. It just doesn't allow two instances of editor.exe, but it doesn't mind editor.exe and editor2.exe.

Can't seem to get this to work...

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