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Ever heard of music?


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A simple mp3-player with random-play-possibility would do it. No sound have to be in there at all. So the users can use their own music, if wanted. At the moment the users are using 3rt-party-players. But they have to stop the music if a game starts. That´s a quite bad way. There a 2 ways to make it even more better:

1. Make it more emotional? Every player can have his own palylist. Only put the mp3´s in a folder an chose, which wanted to be played.

2. Every player could have 3 playlists. High-Feeling - Medium-Feeling - Bad-Feeling. So if the player is on the first part of the table the High-Feeling-Playlist will be played. On the mid of the table the medium-feeling and if the club is actually on the last part of the table hte bad-feelings-playlist is played. And of course the player can choose songs redundant. So some songs can be played on the high-feelings and medium-feelings-playlist if wanted.

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4 hours ago, o0Pascal0o said:

But you will have a lot of work, if you wan´t to have different music played for different situations(acual table-rang).

Just put something on you want to hear, easy-peasy! Why bother SI with this? Everybody has a different music taste, for example the Chase & Status-song from FM18 I didn't like!

EDIT: And I can imagine that people wouldn't like the punk & reggae songs I'm playing during FM..

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I don´t want any music. I wan´t playlist-manager who´s playing the lists depending on the table-position. So f.e. 3 parted. And maybe in the week for a final an extre 4th playlist. So the music-files can 1 million - like your own music files on the pc or you can use cloud-music-playlists from spotify etc.

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